Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Doomsday or Not To Doomsday!?

I remember as a preteen, going with my father to where my Uncle was working in this home outside our city. Now it wasn’t far maybe a twenty minute ride, or so, but what struck me weird was what I was about to see from that visit. I remember my Uncle coming out waving his hand for us to hurry to enter the home and that he had something he wanted to show us. As we entered into the large open kitchen area he was standing there laughing, telling us to wait and watch. He proceeded to hit a switch on the wall and then it happened. The loud noise, as the kitchen along with other rooms started to get dark with the lights came on. See, it wasn’t a normal home, but a bunker of sorts. I remember the steel doors coming down in front of the windows, doors and hearing that awful locking sound, like we were entombed having no place to go. My Uncle then started to open the basement door, directing us to follow him. In the basement was this massive thick door all metal, almost like those doors you see in the bank where the safety deposit boxes are. It was crazy, I didn’t know what to think of it.

He then starts to explain about the owner of the home being German, and that he sent his wife back to Germany because she was about to have their baby. Apparaently he wanted the child to be born German and not in Canada. He kept explaining about this procedure of things this owner of the home was doing in order to prepare for the end of times. Now, this goes back roughly, thirty-three years ago. I thought to myself, end of times, are you nuts!? That door we were standing in front of, actually led down into a reinforced cemented bunker underground. Now I started to realize who was nuts! We see this of late, throughout the news on the television, people have been talking about the end of the world since man has been evolving. In 1100 AD, people committed suicide, gave their land away or sold it back to the crown, killed their families as they too thought the world was about to end. It has been written about for centuries in many books, papers, or whatever man can get his hands on. I think this isn’t the fear factor, I think it’s the “Noah factor”. Remember that story of the Ark, well, it was said as well, that God would never raise his hands to us again, or that no man, nor woman will know the time of the hour in which the end is near.

I honestly feel people have way too much time on their hands and are actually looking for an end to the means, when the means to a beginning would be much more appropriate. Come on people, where is your "FAITH!" Too many people living in fear and they have themselves to blame for this. People tend to walk in the shadows of wrong, rather than stay in the light of good, its human habit. Oh then yes, you have those fear mongers, who build this up every day creating a scenario they thrive on, as they watch people being sucked into their ploy. How can one live life when they walk in the mindset of doomsday. Living life fully, is exactly what that statement means. Too many of the populous live in the ill thoughts of end times, nothing good will come ever, and that there is nothing to live for. How about trying! How about putting all that wasted energy into the common good. I honestly feel people have lost their way, they have given up and are weak in many instances. The rational of all this? It is much more easier to just sit watching time tick away, thinking there is nothing you can do, for its coming and well, frankly, why and the hell even consider trying? That is the huge misconception and downfall of man. They paint the awful picture, which is easy to cascade a remarkable tragedy, rather that of taking the time to understand, realizing life is right there, right in front of them, waiting and wanting you to grab it. I think the song goes, “Too Much Time On My Hands!” by Styx.  

DON’T BE A DOOMSDAY GOER, BE A FULLY ALIVE LIFE LOVER. Don’t wait for it (doomsday), it’s not coming!


  1. I do not think it is a Doomsday, they way people are thinking. I believe it is a time that people need to start caring more for each other and providing more for themselves instead of waiting for others to do it for them. Some people just like to sit back and watch others do things for them, they need to see that they are able to do it too.

  2. Right now I find myself with too much time on my hands due to a lay off from work. In the midst of covering my bills and looking for a new job, I have been seriously focusing on my personal life and faith. I have been what I consider an open minded person because of what I have experienced and due to that I have been interested in the Paranormal/scientific and all things related since I was a child. I was visited and continue to be visited now and again by unseen forces, have read any and all book related to the subject as well as seen and studied issues relating to history, conspiracy theory's and of course 12/21/2012. We live in a remarkable time. Because of technology the world is a smaller place.
    Getting to the answer to the blog: Well its a deep subject. As a parent, I pray that this is not end days. I want to see my kids get married and my future grandchildren. I want to grow old and enjoy every minute of a life well lived. Part of me has a deep concern just from the words Nostradamus, The Mayans and all other sources who reference the ends days. At this point I am more concerned in the affect that this has on folks and the riots and violence that may come of it. I am not in the position to stock up on supplies and to horde food stocks in order to survive. I dont have a doomsday bunker although somewhere deep in my heart, I sort of wish I did for the just in case. Im going to have to leave this one as a walk in faith and what ever God has planned will happen. I can tell you that I will be locked in the house with my Husband and kids behind a big shot gun and lots of ammo just in case the zombies come..lol