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Mike Ricksecker
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Psychic Medium Profiler/Author/Producer
Robbie Thomas
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Robbie Thomas Sits And Talks With Mike Ricksecker (The Haunted & My Ghost Story) About The Paranormal

Before we begin, I like to thank everyone who are taking the time to read this outstanding interview with Mike Ricksecker. I've come to know Mike and think very highly of him and the work he does. I personally, have been in the Paranormal Field for more than twenty years working in film, television, radio, investigating, and more with many and I must say, Mike is one I would love to have the opportunity to work with. You might have seen him in, The Haunted or My Ghost Story on television and now we are going to touch upon who is Mike Ricksecker and his work.

When it comes to Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting, Mike is among the top in my regard and without further wait, Please, enjoy my sit and talk with, Mike Ricksecker, Author/Television Personality and all around real cool dude!

Q. Tell us, who is Mike Ricksecker?

A. I'm the author of the paranormal books Ghosts of Maryland and Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma and the mystery novels Deadly Heirs and System of the Dead. Ive appeared on both Animal Planets television show The Haunted and Bio Channels My Ghost Story. I write and Oklahoma City paranormal column for and Ive contributed articles to and Im also a paranormal investigator and Ghostorian with Society of the Haunted, and I regularly speak about the paranormal, history, and writing.

Q. If you have an opportunity to be anything else in life, what would be that one thing you would want to be?

A. I would love to have played baseball for the Boston Red Sox. Im happy that during the years I would have played for them the team won a couple of World Series titles in my stead. I was a catcher, third baseman, and I pitched a little.

Q. In ten words or less, describe Mike Ricksecker?

A. Unconventional...but creative.

Q. What inspired you to become active in the Paranormal?

A. Its been a combination of different things that compounded throughout my life. I had a couple experiences when I was young, I enjoyed good ghost stories, my initial reaction to reading The Amityville Horror was a desire to visit the house, Ive always had an interest in the spiritual world knowing that there is an entire universe around us that we cant see.

Q. What would you consider to be a most pivotal point in your career within the Paranormal?

A. Honestly, although Id already had a pretty good fan base online and at my book signings, my appearance on The Haunted really expanded that scope. It really helped to open some doors to talk more about how history and the paranormal are interrelated.

Q. We all hear stories from people over the years, who talk about personal experiences theyve encountered. Would you share with us, one of your most memorable encounters and what took place?

A. There were a lot more things going on during the filming of the “Monster In the Closet” episode for The Haunted than what they showed. The “die” EVP was actually captured when Talisyn got hit with an unseen force in the stomach and was knocked out for a moment. Just after she got back up, the Tri-Field meter set up right by the closet with all the activity started chirping wildly. Following that the back door kept blowing open. We shut and secured it three times and three times it blew back open, creating enough havoc that Carl Johnson decided he needed to bless the door, too.

Q. What would be considered in your point of view to be a positive and negative about the Paranormal?

A. I think its been fantastic that the popularity of the paranormal has grown over the last several years and making people feel more comfortable in opening up and telling their stories. For a long time people felt embarrassed about discussing what they experienced and thought theyd be ridiculed and shunned. Now these people know theyre not alone and are free to share. Of course with any expansion there are growing pains, and weve seen this with all the “para-drama,” people trying to step on each other for their quick 15 minutes of fame, and “experts” battling each other over their different theories. Personally, I think all the different theories are wonderful and give a lot of food for thought about what the paranormal really is and whats really out there. No need to bicker over it.

Q. Looking back at your career, is there one time at all you thought to yourself, Ive had it, but then had a change of heart so-to-speak and just pushed on? Did you ever come to a point, where it all seemed just pointless more-or-less?

A. Its a challenging career path loaded with a ton of rejection, but its been my dream my entire life so I keep working at it even through all the struggles. Im a huge Rocky fan I take my beatings when they come and I get back up.

Q. Who would you consider to be your inspiration for investigating the Paranormal?

A. To narrow down to one is challenging since there have been so many people along the way. However, when I was 13 and we were moving from Massachusetts to Ohio my mother bought me the book Yankee Ghosts by Hans Holzer as sort of a different way to remember that area of the country. I was fascinated by the stories, so I would say he was relatively early inspiration for me that helped build the foundation for where I am now.

Q. Your written work. Now, looking back at the many years of you being involved in this field, what sparked you to consider writing about the work you do?

A. Ive been writing since I was in the second grade, so its always been with me. I mostly wrote mystery stories at that time, heavily influenced by Donald J. Sobols Encyclopedia Brown series, but I also wrote some short ghost stories as well. That continued even after I published my first mystery novel, and when my editor came across one of my paranormal shorts she thought I would be a good fit for Ghosts of Maryland. Ive loved it and it has snowballed from there.

Q. Having written and publishing several works, can you elaborate a bit on what is sitting on the horizon for Mike Ricksecker|?

A. By the time your readers see this, the first release of my Ghostorian Case Files, The Inscription of Evil Times, should be available. My next book from Schiffer Publishing, Campfire Tales of the Midwest, a collection of fictional tales based on real history and legends of the Midwest, is due out Fall 2014. Ive also begun a psychological thriller titled with a focus on the horrors of therapist abuse that is in direct support of Lynettes Law for Maryland and the National Alliance Against Exploitation by Professionals.

Q. Now, yes I know, but I must put you on the spot! LOL What is your favourite Paranormal television show at present you like to watch?

A. I enjoy watching the first half of Ghost Adventures. Zak and the gang spend a lot more time than the other shows on the history and background of the locations and the hauntings that have been occurring there. Ive also found The Dead Files to be quite interesting.

Q. Outside of the writing weve all seen you on My Ghost Story and The Haunted. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years from now pertaining to television and what type of program would be your ideal show?

A. I see myself continuing to make a better production out of my Ghosts and Legends show that I air online and will keep my name in the mix on other opportunities out there. Ive always had a great interest in the relationship of history and the paranormal, and I want to keep pursuing a show that brings it all to life.

Q. Where do you see the Paranormal going from here? What would your thoughts be on the evolution of the Paranormal Field?

A. I think were starting to encounter a bit of that paranormal bubble bursting. The shows seem to have run a good part of their course. They dont pull the weight like they used to and Ive heard a few different stories about shows not being picked up. It also seemed like at the height everyone was running an annual convention, but those have been scaled back as well and I think thats a good thing. Even though there are some great ideas out there, I dont think everyone is suited to run a convention and a lot of people lost money over the past few years putting them on. I think as we come down off the high the conventions will be better streamlined and focused. All that said, there is still a tremendous interest in the paranormal and there are so many wonderful people involved in trying to discover what really exists out there.

I like to take the time to thank you, Mike, for joining me today for our little sit and question period. I find it amazing the work you do and the books you write about. Could you tell your fans and readers, whats coming up for Mike and where everyone can get in touch with you via your links and websites.

I have all the book projects I mentioned above, plus all the video production I continue to work on, and I always have new events coming up that Im appearing at. Please check out for updates on everything Im up to, plus all the needed links for the books and videos.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Robbie Thomas' Halloween Scaretober Spook Special!


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Monday, October 14, 2013

Robbie Thomas Interviews His Long Time Friend...World Renowned Psychic Medium Barbara Mackey!


 Welcome everyone to yet another fantastic interview and this one is with the wonderful and beautiful, Barbara Mackey Psychic/Medium. Barbara, is one of the most sought after Psychic/Mediums, who’s been seen on The Haunted , Unsolved Mysteries, Court TV, Psychic Detectives, Hollywood At Large, Discovery ID and much more. She has a regular world wide radio broadcast on CBS Radio each week at 
at 7 pm EST. She’s a very good friend of mine and I’m so honoured to call her friend. There’s so much more about Barbara that we’ll get to know of her through this interview and at the end of it, you too, will be calling her friend.
Ladies and Gentlemen, with out further ado…Please, won’t you welcome, my good friend, Barbara Mackey!

Well lovely lady, first off, I must thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit with me to discuss everything we can about you. This is a real pleasure I must say.

Barbara - It’s a pleasure to be here today with you, Robbie. You just happen to be one of my favourite Psychic/Mediums and I adore the work you do assisting Police helping families with murdered or lost loved ones. Love all your books you’ve written as you have a great way of putting words to paper. I have to get you back on my radio show in the near future, love having you on there as many people who write us love to hear you.

Robbie - One thing I must admit is, I truly love doing your radio show. We have such a great time when we do a show together. And folks, she really makes you feel so comfortable when we do , do a show together. One thing I noticed when we do a show, is every single caller who dials in to speak with you, always has this love sent to them from you. You really leave a personal impression on your fans.

Q. My question to you would be. What makes Barbara Mackey so approachable? What is that magic substance you have that leaves those who look for guidance from you, coming back time and time again, and feeling so comfortable doing so?

A. I genuinely like people. Some readers may have the gift, but have no tolerance for people and tend to be judgmental. My clients feel they can tell me anything and they’re being provided with a nurturing , healing and comforting place. Plus, I tend to make them laugh when they feel like crying. A sense of Joyful hope permeates the atmosphere. An instant connection seems to be easy for me, thus, easy for my clients. A sense of being home.

Q. Is there anything that you personally fear in the work you do? It could be just from doing normal sessions with people to doing crime cases. What fear do you have towards this type of profession do you have from performing this gift for people?

A. I always do my work with the purest of intentions. “Ego” has no place in this work. I’m merely an instrument of a higher level of communication. No one is completely "on" at all times. You should always question yourself and pray that the information given is correct. This avocation is not for someone who thinks they are greater than their work.

Q. Do you feel that the time we live in, that there’s an influx or demand from people seeking guidance in their lives and do you think people are just not looking within themselves as much as they should be for the source of light and love?

A. Most people look outside for answers. The process of learning is the key to introspection. Our society says; we should seek from "professionals", even though our intuition and "gut instinct” knows all. It's our Spirit that talks to us. We need to learn how to be still and listen and have faith in our feelings. Were overeducated and have lost the primal feelings of our "sixth sense” that we all have. Our society, is becoming more spiritually connected. Now, more than ever, self-awareness is growing and that's a wonderful thing.

Q. What do you see as the main factor these days that drives people to seek out a more spiritual living? Where as, ten, twenty years ago or even longer, people weren’t so attuned to what’s going on around them?

A. Organized religion ...just doesn't provide the looking inward. Society is "tuned out" and "turned off" by the conventional leadership in religion. We've decided to look elsewhere and go inward for answers in creating a more perfect union with ourselves and others.

Q. What makes Barbara Mackey, Barbara Mackey? What drives you day in and day out to do this type of profession in your life?

A. I can never go back to the "real world”. I 'm on a path since 1986, when I had a pre-cognitive dream about my fiancĂ©’s death. It came about just like the dream. I warned him, but to no avail. He died anyway. This projected me into this work as a Psychic/Medium. There have been times, when I wanted to walk away and never look back. The work is psychologically, physically and spiritually demanding, but once you're in this life, you know it's something that you will be doing till the end.

Robbie - It’s a way of life rather that of just living a life!

Barbara - Exactly, we live a life dedicated to life.

Q. Tell me, in everything you’ve done over the course of your career, what’s the most poignant or most celebrated time for you that you remember and can share with us?

A. There are just too many wonderful encounters over the last 28 years. The ones that I feel the most uplifted from, are the diagnosing of illness's that have saved lives.

Q. Now I want to touch upon something that’s dear to my heart as it is yours. We both have worked with Law Enforcement and families, assisting in murder/missing persons cases. This will be a two part question, as I know it’ll be a tough answer, but what or why is it you think so many who feel they are psychic, crave to work with the Police on cases. The second part of the question is, history has shown that so many who have stepped in on this role, have actually failed or a better term would be, missed the mark so-much-so, it gives a huge black eye to those who actually do work time and time again with those agencies and still get resolve for those cases. How does one or society differentiate who is real and who are those who just think they can?

A. I never sought out to work with law enforcement. They sought me out. I never wanted to feel someone's pain of being murdered and their last breath being taken. It happened that I seem to be accurate. The families of missing persons turn to psychics. As I've said before our work is not always totally accurate. Therefore, I never demean the efforts of psychics who give their energy with hopes of helping. There are some, who have no skills and merely do it for the publicity. .The only way to know if a Psychic is capable, is by their hits and if they have a successful track record.

Q, Do you feel Psychics are still looked upon as the gypsy, who’s misunderstood, yet mystical? Someone, who was seen in the way portrayed on television years ago, sitting in a carnival side show, or do you think things have changed and in a great way?

A. Unfortunately, their are "Scams" out there, but like any other profession it goes with the territory. I read for high profile people and they still hide us in the closet for fear of being mocked by society. However, I've seen an amazing change in the last ten years. So many TV shows that put our profession in a good light. Hopeful a sign of things that are here and coming into the "new age”

Robbie - I had to ask that question, as at times you see it in peoples faces, for they can’t understand or just don’t want to. The picture that came to mind for me while asking you, was the Wizard Of Oz, where the old man by a wagon speaks with Dorothy. Dorothy, meets up with a gypsy/fortuneteller on the side of the road as she's running away with Toto, to which he begins to look into his crystal ball reading her. The look on her face told the entire story didnt it?  

Barbara - Loved that movie! One of my favourites. Yes, I totally understand and that's a great way to put it.

Q, Where do you see our world headed in the next 10-25 years from now?

A. Like any rebuilding of a society, there has to be a tearing down of the old to build the new. I see a time of great stress and a yearning for people to dig deep into themselves for answers, as our leaders have failed in many ways. It's just not a USA problem it's a global phenomena. We’re more connected with all countries in this Universe and that's a good thing. Our trials have just started, but with pain comes growth.

Q. Last question. What do you see yourself doing?

A. I’ll be producing and writing documentaries, movies, TV. Educating and enlightening our society on a global scale. Opening their minds and spirits to this honourable profession we call the "Seers"

Robbie - Barbara, I want to thank you very much for joining me today. You’re such a pleasure to work with as always and I just can’t thank you enough. You’re an inspiration to many and to me. I’m glad you took the opportunity to speak to many of these questions for your fans and our readers. Please, would you do me the honour before leaving us, could you say a few words of guidance for our readers. Also, if you could, list all your links and ways people can get a hold of you.

Barbara - I want to thank you, Robbie. This has been a real pleasure. I really loved doing this interview with you. I wish everyone much peace and love who are reading this now. I thank all of you who are and wish you nothing but the best. People can reach me at to tune into my radio show or for readings. Thank you again, Robbie, Blessings to you.

Robbie - God Bless You Barbara! Folks, there you have it! I’m so happy Barbara could join us today, to share with you and me much of her wisdom and guidance. This has been a fantastic interview, one that I’ll look back upon many times and feel good knowing, Barbara Mackey is one beautiful spiritual individual making a huge difference in this world of ours. I like to thank everyone for taking the time to enjoy this time we’ve spent together and from me to you, much love and light …PEACE!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Robbie Thomas Hits Top 50 Of The Authors Database! The IMBD For Authors...

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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Robbie Thomas - Parasylum II The Unleashed Gets Rave Review From Haunted Book Case Critic!

"I finished Parasylum and promptly was sent Parasylum II from author Robbie Thomas. After the end of Parasylum, I found myself mourning the loss of a novice, but knowledgeable, paranormal investigations team. When I cracked the digital spine Parasylum II, I was shocked to find the same team regrouping to investigate the Rendezvous Hotel. . .

ust when you thought the first book was over, a new dream state begins. Is this the real life…or is this just fantasy…?

Robbie Thomas takes his personal experience, knowledge and expertise in the paranormal realm and combines his creative writing skills to once again create a masterpiece horror story. I was completely enthralled with the team. I said it before, and I will say it again, Robbie does an effin fantastic job “painting” the interpersonal relationship amongst the team members in the Parasylum novels.

Parasylum is back and it’s scarier than ever! Robbie Thomas has once again proven he is a master at writing horror. The fear is palatable and without a doubt will have your heart pounding and you at the edge of your seat.

I am completely obsessed with anything from the roaring 20s to the pin-up 40s. The team in Parasylum II find their way into an investigation at a historic hotel. A glimpse into the hotel’s history, you will find classic mobsters, rum runners, prohibition and that classic Speak Easy feeling. In all, it would put Chicago’s history to shame. Mobsters were hell in flesh, one can only imagine what they are like in death. The team begins to question reality, and their sanity, when confronted with demonic forces who currently run the hotel. With death piling high, team members disappearing, and chaos abound, will the team be able to escape alive?

As a paranormal investigator myself, and a psychic medium, I am in love with the writing and stylings of the story lines in both the Parasylum novels. Robbie does a job well done and I look forward to future books of his.

These books are great for horror lovers, paranormal enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a good scare!"

(For More On This Review,Visit Haunted Book Case WebBlog Click The Banner Below)

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Television Personality, Mike Ricksecker Reviews Parasylum Horror Book!

"The open doors of the cursed Grandview Asylum await you in Robbie Thomas' chiller, Parasylum. With an ending completely unexpected, screams and plot twists lurk around every corner in a paranormal investigation turned fight for survival. Parasylum is an entertaining chamber of horrors waiting to drag you to hell!"

- Mike Ricksecker, My Ghost Story television show and The Haunted television show.