Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

Oh, but another year is upon us, where the ghouls and goblins come out to wreak havoc on us all. Halloween is a fun time of year with much history to it. Yes, we have that tradition of handing out candy, (be sure to leave your address at the comments section so I can drop around for some), and seeing all those smiley faces as you dip deep into the treasure trove of sweets to pass them along to each child as they present themselves at your door.

I personally, ask for a trick or give them a trick of my own at times, which at that point kids lose that smile fast on their face because all they are interested in is what’s in that big bowl you have in your hands. Anticipation is a killer isn’t it, and I love it! Sometimes I tell those stories of different ghost haunts I’ve been on over the years, which really keeps them at the door and sometimes you get those kids that go, “Yeah right, you were never there!” Yes, the fun of Halloween and the fun to be had.

Regardless of the night, I always find a great purpose to make those smiles come on the faces of those young children who knock, searching for chocolate, sugar in any form or a fright as the smoke machine fills the air. It’s all about having fun in celebration of Ole Hallows Eve and believe me, I take great pride in this time of year just like many of you reading this tonight.

So, what tricks do you have up your sleeve? What stories of the doomed are you about to unleash? What are your scariest moments you'd like to share? After all, this is one time of the year, we all agree and love, muahhhhhaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!

Happy Halloween Everyone…

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Calling It Like It Is! Living Paranormal...

In all the years of working within the Paranormal Field and Spiritual Realm, the encounters have been many, as I've visited places not only within North America, but that of Europe as well. I've had the fortunate side of things come to fruition working with many integral individuals within both fields of work and thus while doing so, have not only learned much, but taught much as well. Decades of sophistication one might say, yet it’s just something one lives in the life of a day, as they continue to do this type of work.

Enter the mainstream media and the roles it plays, for there was a time things of this nature were so unheard of, or they were shunned by society as a whole. We still see this, as ignorance is bliss one might say, though in the hindsight of those who are so subsided in not wanting to know, they creep out of their closet once in a while, plug in a horror movie, a paranormal movie, something Sci-Fi in any respect and then crawl back into the closet to yet deny any interception of their own daily living, putting up those blinders, to which they walk blindly along.

Forging ahead, regardless of what some might call as Satanic, Evil doings. Yet, those who speak so loudly, are actually Hypocrites in plain sight. There's always going to be the little notion of wanting to know, wanting to see, wanting to encounter something, anything, just to validate one’s own curiosity, or validate what they've been going through in life, but they ignore it as “coincidence!” Oh take heed people, the end is not near, there's no fire depths of hell that'll consume you, nor is there any fifty lashes to be had because you seek only what's right and that of the daily living of every single human being on this planet.

Living Paranormal, is just as it says, LIVING PARANORMAL! Things of the unexplained one might encounter that either need explaining, or they have their own personal context to it. EVERYONE has some form of communication, encounter, or “coincidental” happening. Let’s face it, there is going to be those who oppose what I'm saying today, but you know what. WHO CARES! To each his or her own and that's a good way to put it, for I know, you who are reading this now, don’t condemn them who speak out so loudly, we just look at what's being presented and let the facts fall where they may. Again, let’s face it, when this is all said and done, the day of reckoning comes calling, even those who are so opposed to LIVING PARANORMAL, will then have their own encounter and that my friends is the end of this story. 


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wednesday, October 28th, Robbie Will Be A Guest On Mass Paranormal Radio Show!

It's Halloween all you Ghouls and Goblins out there! Join me as I take to the airwaves on Mass Paranormal Radio to talk everything Paranormal and much more! 
Wednesday, October 28th @ 8 pm EST.

Big West Country 92.9 FM Friday Robbie Thomas Live!

This Friday, You Can Tune Into Big West Country 92.9 FM And Hear A Great Interview On The Haunts And Ghouls Of Halloween On My Travels Over The Years.
8:10 AM Central Time & 10:10 AM Eastern Time

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Vixens Vault Podcast Is Up!

The Vixens Vault Radio Show With Host Nancy Planeta Is Up!

If this is one show you listen to, please do. Hopefully, you'll never need to call upon me to help you in this manner. One mother who has followed me since the mid-1990's had her worst nightmare come true and had to call me for this very reason.

If you missed it, it was a great show, very deep in conversation with tough questions. Enjoy the show as we discussed many murder/missing person's cases I've assisted Law Enforcement and families with throughout the many years and so much more!

Enriching Your Life!

We often live in constant reminders of the little things that matter in life. Yes, we all at different times, take life for granted giving it a second seat to whatever our pleasures entail. It’s really not a bad thing, but when it becomes a reoccurring habit, the habitual trend becomes hard to break. I had a lady ask me the other day about becoming lost in her life, no direction, no perseverance and no zest for anything throughout her day. She wanted to know if it was possible that she could have fallen out of favor with God or the Universe. I explained to her that, we as simple human beings never fall out of favor from God, we become so obscured to what is really in front of us. We tend to miss those little things, the things that really matter to others, ourselves and to our lives in general. It’s a very easy thing to do and no, there’s nothing wrong with it for as you see, she was asking, which means she is searching for the answer to a dilemma.

It’s not so much losing faith, or falling to the side feeling that abandonment, it’s more so of an awakening happening. Lessons in life are at times hard ones or not so hard. They may have their short comings and then they might be a bit of a sting leaving a lasting impression. We learn from our mistakes, our misdealing’s throughout life often and this makes one a wiser individual for doing so.

Never feel you are alone in life or that you have become a lost child in this world, for there is nothing further from the truth. Remember this, as we grow in life, everything from every day that you have encountered is a blessing. ENRICH YOUR LIFE with every step you take throughout this journey, keeping the past as your record of improvement along the way.

 Walk softly while smiling upon every step you take.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Living Spiritually Sound! Keeping It Simple...

At times, what may seem to be a good fit for the moment is rather a convoluted, distracting way, to just add confusion to one wanting to learn or awaken in spirituality. Take how some try to explain the spirit world, oh and yes, it does have one scratching their head, wondering where this information comes from. I’m hearing new terms like, “from DNA markers to soul signatures.” Interesting to-say-the-least and a bit eye catching most certainly, however, I personally love to keep everything simplistic and easy, it just makes better sense without having more over-the-top explanative. I've always said, keep it simple, because there's nothing complexed or jaded about Spiritual living. Simplicity and acceptance is key as the answer in living spiritually, no hidden agendas, no hard revelations to be told, just pure simplicity.

“Truth… Compassion… Understanding… Faith”

These are the four cornerstones of spirituality, in which the foundation of everything in life is built. The solid ground, upon which one builds their affirmations with spirit, is the proving ground of strength and desire of knowledge. At no time, are we lost or are we shallow without spirit; we only become displaced from time to time. We remain fully intact, for all the pillars of what we are, stand strong within us; thus we are eventually put back on track, gaining from every experience in life and what it has to offer. Reflection is a key, to which we use to ensure the boundaries of all good to simplify any outcome and to adjust the setting within. Remember, you are the fabric of life, the very essence, to which spirit dwells; lift up your head each day and smile, for all good smiles upon you!

Keep It Simple & Love Life Spiritually!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bad Karma!

        Looking over one’s shoulders, trying to compromise with deeds that we think we've rendered properly to another, yet we see the suffering or infliction of pain of some emotional tribute laid out by us, this gives us the false sense of hope for a betterment of our inner self. Taking heed to our own actions or thoughts, before we actually implement them is a much better way to stay the course while starving any attention given by retribution set forth by our own doing. Making long term goal plans to rid any action of creating our own karma that will dwell in the house of pain when the wrath is unleashed upon us is but the utmost respect we can give ourselves and, thus, we starve karma! Never wish bad on anyone, that you don't want bad to reflect upon you. 

       “What goes around comes around. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” These, are but some identification markings of wisdom that are passed down through generation to generation, giving a perspective of keeping a close eye on how we act in life. Create a premise of a loving environment for all around or within your circle of life, because it allows things to go well from a day-to-day perspective.

       Given the moment in crises, if one has absolute ill intentions towards another in thought, it’s the passing of judgment that creates that ripple effect, which seems to follow right back upon the murky depths from where it came. It becomes a redundant feeling once we pass through a door that has our names on it, stating, "enter here for backlash exists." At times, we are our own worst enemies, for that battlefield in which great plans of deviation were laid; seem to release the calling of the unwanted right back at us.

       In some countries, they have certain names or variations for bad happenings, one of which is called the “bad eye” or “evil eye.” The laying of bad intentions on another through thought, or let’s say, even the envy of another lends little to the knowledge of most, but when one creates the envy of another making the energy of which flows through the universe a release of negativity, it will surely rear its ugly head back at you in time. The downfall, for the most part, is our own doing, for we set up our own karma-based reality.

Karma...Keep It Clean And You'll Come Out Smelling Like Roses!!!!