Saturday, December 08, 2012

Blaze Your Own Trail!

Do you find yourself doing what everyone else is doing, following that same path, that same to do list that everyone else seems to be doing. Just like this sentence you read, it goes round and round in circles, or that old, “I’ll take the high road and you take the low road, but we still meet up doing the same thing regardless, Point (A) to point (B) and never discovering your full potential. Oh we’ve heard the cliché of many different ways to describe it, yet we fall victim to our own demise from time to time while we stoop and wonder how this could be.

If it’s going to piss someone off better not do it, some might say. Don’t do what’s out of the norm, people will look down on you for it, others might complain, but what if you just did it and found out that many people would appreciate what you’re doing. Blaze your own trail, show defiance once in a while, build that character within, that supremacy of gaining respect because you took the chance (even if you fail) you were the one to at least try it while the vast majority just stood by watching. Success was never built on succeeding it was built on many failures that inevitably lead to the end result.

Don’t be afraid to stand alone for principle, if no one stands with you, don’t worry soon they will. Once you have blazed that new trail showing the truth, light and most of all, succession to what you have achieved, they too will want to walk your path. Nothing in this life that has been a major breakthrough has ever gone without scrutiny by those who are either afraid of change, lack the involvement, or just can’t comprehend the means by which one is attempting to accomplish. Ignorance is bliss they say, thus this is your time to not sway people, but just do your dream. Never give up hope, for from faith and true commitment, just rewards are obtained.

A wise man told me once,  “If you’re going to do it, do it BIG regardless of what others might say, because that is all they are doing is just saying while you’re doing what YOU WANT TO DO!”  

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