Monday, March 21, 2016

Human Trafficking (End This Dreadful Disease)

We see this too often on television, hear about it on the news, read about it in newspapers, yet most families don't realize this goes on in their very own back yard! Yes and what I'm talking about is human trafficking. Just the sound of those words makes one sick within and the anger starts to build, knowing the fact indeed it does happen in every city, every province in Canada or state in America and reaches far into international borders. What most of the public doesn't understand is, they're out there and at one time or another, they have had their eye on your daughter or son, believe me this is true!
I had the opportunity to speak with Jessie Fosters mom, Glendene Grant, and let me tell you, what a strong woman she is. A lovely lady who's world has been turned upside down because of sick individuals who search out the innocence of children. She is the founder of M.A.T.H. (Mother's Against Trafficking Humans) and she advocates for those who are in need of direction and help in their fight of losing a child to Human Trafficking. 
I'm too acquainted with the anguish from parents who have lost their children to this dreadful disease called human trafficking. I've been lucky enough to help two families successfully get their children back from "captors" who thought they could outsmart the police or anyone helping in finding them. These "animals", these scum of the earth, who prey on the innocence, promising them grandeur beyond what is believable, feed off their fears, their desires and that's when they pounce. One lady who has followed me since the mid to late 1990's called me one day saying she thought she'd never have to use me this way, but her cry was a mother's worst nightmare come true. Fortunately, we were able to successfully get her daughter away from those who are the dark in the light of this world and she has her daughter back, "ALIVE" as she put it in a letter written to my office, which is posted for all families who are going through the same on my website. Another case I assisted in the family wants to remain anonymous because of the circumstances in their case, however, I am allowed to speak of this story so others can see as well not only there is hope out there, but to get involved in your child's friends, affairs and know what goes on daily with them. Paula's daughter was "friends" with this individual who happen to be from America living in the Brampton area in Ontario, Canada and one night, Paula's daughter didn't come home. Once again, my office was called upon to assist in helping to find her daughter. Turns out, this so called "friend" had her captive in the basement of her home with chains. It also turns out from this woman's husband who wanted to get away from this lady who help Paula's daughter captive because he didn't want to go to jail, explained that this woman who went by the name, "Scary Carey" was AWOL from the American Armed Forces. She was up on charges in the United States and was hiding out here in Canada under "AKA's". Thank God, Paula's daughter is home and unharmed. These are two of many stories that are of millions out there from loving families who don't deserve this to happen to them. 
I know this post will get read by some of you who care enough to read it, and yes, there will be some who won't, it's those who won't that I wish would. Evil lurks everywhere, and I mean everywhere from every walk of life, culture, creed, or skin color. It's up to us as parents to be vigilant and increasingly more aware of our child's life and include them in the know as well. Keep preaching that sermon, keep pounding it into them, because this is the only way reality becomes part of their everyday life. 
I had a couple people comment on my postings that I've read throughout the times, where they have said that they wish they could do what I do, or had my job. One in fact, (and I hope she reads this) said, which I thought was the most ridiculous reply ever, but she said, "You have my dream job!" I shake my head at times with people, because they just don't get it, they think like those who are looking for the glamour and glitz of it all and get lost in the unicorn effect. This isn't a game, or fantasy land, this is for real and for keeps people. I've been endorsed by some of the highest offices in Law Enforcement and Organizations around for one reason. 25 years of putting my life on hold to find life for others and give life back to those I could find. There are so many beautiful people out there helping in the fight against crime who have credentials and experience and for those families living this terrible nightmare, they too have put their lives on hold to bring the message of this disease of human trafficking. The best advice I can give from my stand point is to give to your children what the other families wish they can give to theirs who are not with them anymore. Love, Understanding, Strength In Knowing About These perpetrators who steal and harm human beings. Educate your family, keep doing it as much as you can, because those that lurk in the dark, wait patiently, ready to take away what is yours. 

God Bless All Of You Who Read This & Your Families!          

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Laura Finley Murder! The Truth Will Come Out!

Stop By My Website, As I've Been Asked To Assist With A Very High Profile Case Of A Rock Stars Wife Being Murdered. We're working very closely with him to find resolve and bring justice to this heinous crime, which he wants the world to know the truth. We'll Keep adding more information to the website page for, The Laura Finley Murder, so keep your eyes on God Bless Joe Finley & His Family! 
We will bring the truth out and put those responsible behind bars where they belong!

Robbie Thomas One Hour Special On Open Minds With Regina Meredith On GaiaTV

When a child goes missing, Robbie Thomas uses his psychic abilities to assist law enforcement to solve the toughest cases.
Open Minds: Psychic Crime Fighter with Robbie Thomas
When a child goes missing, Robbie Thomas uses his psychic abilities to assist law enforcement to solve the toughest cases. Full episode:
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Catching A Serial Killer! This Is An Insane Case...

Chasing a serial killer! Yes, I’ve read all materials, depositions in his court case, all evidence and in fact, there is DNA samples taken. However, not of the suspect they should be looking at! Yes, you heard me right, not of the “suspect they should be looking at!” Two women murdered in Atlanta, have the same DNA matching samples that would put the lock and key on this case, if the murderer was tested. Oh, this is where it gets good…Yes, being in security at this hotel in Atlanta while two women are brutally murdered, but this individual is allowed to move to Los Angeles, to become security of a hotel in Beverly Hills. This is where it gets interesting! Under questioning in a civil suit, (not his first time being sued), he was asked if he was ever “deposed”! Yes folks, he was and sued, for you see, he was found on top of a guest in her room, as she woke up and he was trying to have his sick way with her. Oh, it gets better! He then is hired at yet (another hotel) in Los Angeles. This is where he strikes again, as how can he be at several hotels where murders have taken place and he was the first person on the scene, and then on top of it all, yes I know, bad pun… On top of it all, he gets caught and thank God he didn’t murder her! Now, we have Police agencies who have DNA Samples in Atlanta, Evidence in Los Angeles that, if they only took the time to compare, I’m pretty sure they’d find a match, what do you think!? 
Well, we’ve been able to uncover some very vital information through all the court proceedings and depositions with the questioning and answers that would incriminate the said perpetrator. He more or less hung himself. There is much in the way of piecing this case together that will astonish the world once it is done. I’ve come out explaining just a small smidgen of it, but there is a huge mountain to climb with all this evidence and breaking news. 
I’ll have more … much more in time when the moment presents itself. Serial Killers always make mistakes, many mistakes and there is no such thing as a perfect crime…You can’t hide from the minds eye!!!!!!     

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Social Media & Your Children! Please Read...

Over the years, I’ve been called by many families about their children who go missing and then finding out that social media was the basis for this occurrence to take place. Yes, it is a problem and yes as parents we need to be vigil, if not more so, because of the vast social media outlets kids have at their fingertips. I’m sitting in my office as I write this out while Dr. Phil is playing on the television. I’m watching this father’s plight for educating the public on his daughter’s death, because of the use of social media and the contact with a paedophile. The harsh reality of life is, there are predators out there all over social media, lurking like a carnivorous wild animal, waiting to pounce. The key is to get involved in your kids life as much as possible and if that means becoming more than mom and dad to becoming that friend, do it. Social media is not a face friendly application when it comes to your child’s life. Manipulators sit patiently by, waiting for the next victim to cross their screens in places like KIK, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, MySpace or many others out there. The world is made of many evil people unfortunately and I’ve personally been on the front lines with families who have been or seen this evil. It breaks my heart, every time when I’m contacted by a devastated father or mother that their child has been abducted or murdered. There is no pain in this world that can describe what they go through, but you can hear it in their voice. That is all that is left is the voice of the mother or father who are torn deeper than ever and empty within and you know there is absolutely nothing you can do to give them their baby back. The hollow cries from their souls echo through the phone or in person as I’ve sat with many families, it just rips you apart seeing them and their pain. 
If it is any at all that makes any sense whatsoever in what I’ve tried to convey in this message, please, please…speak to your children and don’t be afraid to be as open and close to them as you can. Be on their social media’s, be involved and don’t just let it go, as it’s only Facebook, or Twitter, KIK, Myspace or any social media. Love your children more than enough, more than just it’s your child, love them as they are YOUR LIFE! 
Education is key use it and open the doors to much better for you and your child. And GOD FORBID, anything terrible happens to you who are reading this now. 
God Bless You All!          

The Paranormal! What's Up With This Weeks Fad?

Enter At Your Own Risk!

With shows from the past such as, Extreme Paranormal, Paranormal State, Most Haunted and others who undoubtedly faked their investigations from, Ghosts farting in caves, to being possessed with chainsaws and fires to burn down the house! Yes, a bit of a metaphor, however, what was put on screen was less appealing and lengthened that black eye the Paranormal Field has tried so desperately to get away from. Now, a new generation of entertainment is beckoning a call from the sublime of the “elite”, who seem to just tread that jaded edge of reality by the water cooler. People want the truth, they want to see what is real out there, and nevertheless, the sounds and words of “Evil” is now, the new trend at the primal moment. If it sounds horrendous or not, we’ll make it growl, giving it the characteristics of Satan and his empire, purging the gates of hell, in exorcisms, possessions, scratching and clawing their way into your homes on your big screen television. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love everything horror, scary, and freaking awesome theatrics like the next individual, but there seems to be a thin line, when we, in the Paranormal should allow or accept is a better term to use, as part of our field of work, unless it is a for real situation. The fad for the day is quickly becoming what devilish dish can we delve up for the audience who craves the tortured soul of many, screaming and dying in agony. 
Yes, as crazy as this sounds, it’s true, which at the end of the day, so did those other shows first mentioned that only lasted three or so episodes in and people voiced their opinions and well, where are they now comes to mind? I was asked on a show of recent, "Why is it that people in general, love projected, elaborated shows that are so farfetched, versus that of a show that would be completely truthful in its content?" The answer to that is, the general populous loves fantasy and vivid unreality as it is an escape from the real reality of their day. Oh, yes, it’s captivating and inviting to-say-the-least, and if we give a show that would be completely the truth, well, there wouldn’t be any “Ghost Shows” on television whatsoever. Reason for that is, if you watch the ghost shows on television, every time they go out to investigate any property or graveyard, they have multiple encounters. It keeps the ratings going and people watching. Yes, it does give the wrong impression and misleads everyone who thinks this is how things are done, but in retrospect, are they any different than that of say, Extreme Paranormal that lasted only 3 episodes before it was canned!? No, it’s all the same and now, enters the demonic, evil perception and the end of all to end all programing. It leaves a bad taste in ones thoughts of where is the Paranormal headed and who are we in the field, who actually been out in the field of work for decades, how are we to see this play out and that black eye? Yes, it just gets blacker and blacker!
What are your thoughts on this? You are a valued Paranormal Investigator and yes this is your field of work, weigh in on this perpetual motion of this notion.

Cheers & Blessings To You All... 

Monday, February 08, 2016

The Karma Ripple

       “What goes around, comes around. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Do unto others, as you wish them to do unto you. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” These, are but some identification markings of wisdom that are passed down through generation to generation, giving perspective, of keeping a close eye on how we act in life. In some countries, they have certain names or variations for subsequential bad happenings, one of which is called the “bad eye” or “evil eye.” The laying of bad intentions on another, through thought, or let’s say, even the envy of another, lends little to the knowledge of most, but when one creates the envy of another, making the energy of which flows through the universe a release of negativity, it will surely rear its ugly head back at you in time. This downfall in most part is our own doing, for we set up our own karma-based reality. Words spoken are words of work, in that, what we preach to others, make sure you listen well to the sermon, for it has the resembling of a true story for you. Take heed to those uncanny remarks or anything out of the blue that you intend another to hear or feel, for once written, become the etched work of a poet in the making. The work of one, who carries a wall of resentment in the very fabric of life, will see the mortar in which holds every essence of the balance one desires in life, crumble and become the decay upon which ill will resides. The meaning of, “do unto others as you wish them to do unto you”, has a significant meaning and in respect with every law of life. It shines a great purpose and lessons that flows through the annals of reality.
       Sometimes, in life, it is best to listen, for every great teacher in order to teach, has to listen; your heart promptly displays this in every episode of life. The eyes and ears of you, lie within your heart, giving that balance we so require, enabling each of us to become the acclaimed renaissance individual we seek. Stay unison with spirit and out of harm’s way. Look inward to your soul, capturing the ambiance of purity while always searching amongst the good in you and others. Tutorial teachings are always a great way of expression, but the best-kept secret is the teacher in you, as the agenda is to hold class on the pupil in distress who feels the wrong in  them. Shed no feelings of wrongful intentions towards nothing in life, for this creates a perfect harmony in balance with spirit.
Karma has a funny way of introducing itself to us all from time to time and we begrudge the day we lay eyes on it, for nothing comes of good when one doesn’t give good. My personal thoughts would be this: do unto others as you wish Karma to do unto you!

Excerpt From Signs From Heaven

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Tuesday, Feb. 9th @ 9:00 EST PM / 8:00 PM CST

Robbie Thomas, Psychic Criminal Profiler & Author!
Robbie Thomas is a Psychic Medium/Spiritual Councillor, who helps internationally, families and Police fight against crime while bringing solace to those who need it. Over many years of assisting in many murder/missing person’s cases, Robbie has been able to give great details to these devastating crimes or happenings, which have led to finding lost people, arrests being made in murder cases, and bringing closure to families who desperately need it. 

Robbie works closely with families in conjunction with Law Enforcement and has never charged for his assistance or taken any monies as a reward. Being highly respected in the Paranormal/Spiritual fields of work, Robbie continues to be a great presence, working alongside many integral individuals in Film, Television and Radio, lending his ability to further along, his experience as a Spiritual Visionary. Robbie lives in Canada and is often called upon from the international community for assistance with his ability. Being a prolific Best Selling Author/Writer in the Metaphysical/Spiritual, Horror/Paranormal genre’s, he’s published nine books of his own and co-contributed to four other books. He’s written television treatments, which are either in development or have been looked at and has accomplished one of them to be in production. Other projects of Robbie's have also been given consideration with other production companies (United States and Canada). Movies have also been a part of Robbie's life, as he has either created or starred in, Dead Whisper 2005 - 2006, The Sallie House 2007, and Paradox (Parasylum Directors Cut 2009), Return To Al Capone Speakeasy (In Post Production 2012). Robbie has been seen on one-hour television specials and news media, GAIAM Television, NBC, CBS, ABC, CKCO, Daytime Live Rogers Television, StarChoice, Bell Expressview, New RO (CTV), UFO T.V. and many other television programs.