Sunday, October 27, 2013

Robbie Thomas Sits And Talks With Mike Ricksecker (The Haunted & My Ghost Story) About The Paranormal

Before we begin, I like to thank everyone who are taking the time to read this outstanding interview with Mike Ricksecker. I've come to know Mike and think very highly of him and the work he does. I personally, have been in the Paranormal Field for more than twenty years working in film, television, radio, investigating, and more with many and I must say, Mike is one I would love to have the opportunity to work with. You might have seen him in, The Haunted or My Ghost Story on television and now we are going to touch upon who is Mike Ricksecker and his work.

When it comes to Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting, Mike is among the top in my regard and without further wait, Please, enjoy my sit and talk with, Mike Ricksecker, Author/Television Personality and all around real cool dude!

Q. Tell us, who is Mike Ricksecker?

A. I'm the author of the paranormal books Ghosts of Maryland and Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma and the mystery novels Deadly Heirs and System of the Dead. Ive appeared on both Animal Planets television show The Haunted and Bio Channels My Ghost Story. I write and Oklahoma City paranormal column for and Ive contributed articles to and Im also a paranormal investigator and Ghostorian with Society of the Haunted, and I regularly speak about the paranormal, history, and writing.

Q. If you have an opportunity to be anything else in life, what would be that one thing you would want to be?

A. I would love to have played baseball for the Boston Red Sox. Im happy that during the years I would have played for them the team won a couple of World Series titles in my stead. I was a catcher, third baseman, and I pitched a little.

Q. In ten words or less, describe Mike Ricksecker?

A. Unconventional...but creative.

Q. What inspired you to become active in the Paranormal?

A. Its been a combination of different things that compounded throughout my life. I had a couple experiences when I was young, I enjoyed good ghost stories, my initial reaction to reading The Amityville Horror was a desire to visit the house, Ive always had an interest in the spiritual world knowing that there is an entire universe around us that we cant see.

Q. What would you consider to be a most pivotal point in your career within the Paranormal?

A. Honestly, although Id already had a pretty good fan base online and at my book signings, my appearance on The Haunted really expanded that scope. It really helped to open some doors to talk more about how history and the paranormal are interrelated.

Q. We all hear stories from people over the years, who talk about personal experiences theyve encountered. Would you share with us, one of your most memorable encounters and what took place?

A. There were a lot more things going on during the filming of the “Monster In the Closet” episode for The Haunted than what they showed. The “die” EVP was actually captured when Talisyn got hit with an unseen force in the stomach and was knocked out for a moment. Just after she got back up, the Tri-Field meter set up right by the closet with all the activity started chirping wildly. Following that the back door kept blowing open. We shut and secured it three times and three times it blew back open, creating enough havoc that Carl Johnson decided he needed to bless the door, too.

Q. What would be considered in your point of view to be a positive and negative about the Paranormal?

A. I think its been fantastic that the popularity of the paranormal has grown over the last several years and making people feel more comfortable in opening up and telling their stories. For a long time people felt embarrassed about discussing what they experienced and thought theyd be ridiculed and shunned. Now these people know theyre not alone and are free to share. Of course with any expansion there are growing pains, and weve seen this with all the “para-drama,” people trying to step on each other for their quick 15 minutes of fame, and “experts” battling each other over their different theories. Personally, I think all the different theories are wonderful and give a lot of food for thought about what the paranormal really is and whats really out there. No need to bicker over it.

Q. Looking back at your career, is there one time at all you thought to yourself, Ive had it, but then had a change of heart so-to-speak and just pushed on? Did you ever come to a point, where it all seemed just pointless more-or-less?

A. Its a challenging career path loaded with a ton of rejection, but its been my dream my entire life so I keep working at it even through all the struggles. Im a huge Rocky fan I take my beatings when they come and I get back up.

Q. Who would you consider to be your inspiration for investigating the Paranormal?

A. To narrow down to one is challenging since there have been so many people along the way. However, when I was 13 and we were moving from Massachusetts to Ohio my mother bought me the book Yankee Ghosts by Hans Holzer as sort of a different way to remember that area of the country. I was fascinated by the stories, so I would say he was relatively early inspiration for me that helped build the foundation for where I am now.

Q. Your written work. Now, looking back at the many years of you being involved in this field, what sparked you to consider writing about the work you do?

A. Ive been writing since I was in the second grade, so its always been with me. I mostly wrote mystery stories at that time, heavily influenced by Donald J. Sobols Encyclopedia Brown series, but I also wrote some short ghost stories as well. That continued even after I published my first mystery novel, and when my editor came across one of my paranormal shorts she thought I would be a good fit for Ghosts of Maryland. Ive loved it and it has snowballed from there.

Q. Having written and publishing several works, can you elaborate a bit on what is sitting on the horizon for Mike Ricksecker|?

A. By the time your readers see this, the first release of my Ghostorian Case Files, The Inscription of Evil Times, should be available. My next book from Schiffer Publishing, Campfire Tales of the Midwest, a collection of fictional tales based on real history and legends of the Midwest, is due out Fall 2014. Ive also begun a psychological thriller titled with a focus on the horrors of therapist abuse that is in direct support of Lynettes Law for Maryland and the National Alliance Against Exploitation by Professionals.

Q. Now, yes I know, but I must put you on the spot! LOL What is your favourite Paranormal television show at present you like to watch?

A. I enjoy watching the first half of Ghost Adventures. Zak and the gang spend a lot more time than the other shows on the history and background of the locations and the hauntings that have been occurring there. Ive also found The Dead Files to be quite interesting.

Q. Outside of the writing weve all seen you on My Ghost Story and The Haunted. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years from now pertaining to television and what type of program would be your ideal show?

A. I see myself continuing to make a better production out of my Ghosts and Legends show that I air online and will keep my name in the mix on other opportunities out there. Ive always had a great interest in the relationship of history and the paranormal, and I want to keep pursuing a show that brings it all to life.

Q. Where do you see the Paranormal going from here? What would your thoughts be on the evolution of the Paranormal Field?

A. I think were starting to encounter a bit of that paranormal bubble bursting. The shows seem to have run a good part of their course. They dont pull the weight like they used to and Ive heard a few different stories about shows not being picked up. It also seemed like at the height everyone was running an annual convention, but those have been scaled back as well and I think thats a good thing. Even though there are some great ideas out there, I dont think everyone is suited to run a convention and a lot of people lost money over the past few years putting them on. I think as we come down off the high the conventions will be better streamlined and focused. All that said, there is still a tremendous interest in the paranormal and there are so many wonderful people involved in trying to discover what really exists out there.

I like to take the time to thank you, Mike, for joining me today for our little sit and question period. I find it amazing the work you do and the books you write about. Could you tell your fans and readers, whats coming up for Mike and where everyone can get in touch with you via your links and websites.

I have all the book projects I mentioned above, plus all the video production I continue to work on, and I always have new events coming up that Im appearing at. Please check out for updates on everything Im up to, plus all the needed links for the books and videos.