Saturday, March 02, 2013

Dreaming - Another Hot Release By Robbie Thomas

From Best Selling Author Robbie Thomas comes a book that'll help you discover those hidden messages.

The soul carries many messages from our subconscious giving notice to us in various ways. It’s how we interpret the meanings of those messages that we're able to find the reprieve we seek. We carry burden throughout our day, which leaves us wondering, questioning any resolve whatsoever.
 When our dreams start to reflect this, it’s time to take action finding the hidden message for our peace.

Dreaming is 94 pages of a very detailed book taking you through many different types of dreams, how to record your dreams properly and giving you the ability to work within your means to decipher their meanings. It’s a direct spiritual look through your soul and how you, the dreamer, can remedy the solace you seek.

(As a bonus there's pages in the back of the book where you keep a dream journal. Interpret your dreams through reading 'Dreaming')

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