Friday, March 08, 2013

Dawning Of A Right Day!

In the light of a new dawning to a fantastic day, we all look for the betterment for everyone regardless of what direction they decide to take for themselves. We most certainly are not the creators of their path nor should we hold judgement for the steps they’ll take. We merely are the voice of reason or guidance if you will. Sometimes we all have our own wake up calls so-to-speak, lending the ever faithful nudge that, yes we are most certainly human. Be the creator of your dynasty, your own little world and let it flourish beyond the scope of your imagination. Like a writer putting pen to paper the imagination is endless, the painter with brush in hand who cascades the endless sea of beauty on canvass, these are the foundations to what thrives within all who love the expression of life. I raise my glass and say, cheers! Well done! No one is perfect, I’m most certainly not, nor do I begin to say or think I am, just a mere individual in a long line of many with ambitions, dreams and the love of life for expression for sharing with everyone.


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Beautifully said Robbie, so much positive energy feels good :) Thank you again for some beautiful intuition of yours, merc

  2. Belle Morte6:09 PM

    Thanks for the much needed ray of sunshine. The sky is dark and gloomy. It's biting cold and the gardens are parched and trampled. The pathway is overgrown and virtually nonexistent. A slice of sunshine or drop of warm rain may just keep it from crumbling into nothing. I wait.