Thursday, February 14, 2013

Suspense Magazine Critic Jodi Hanson gives Parasylum II The Unleashed Rave Review

Parasylum II by Robbie Thomas (CreateSpace 2013)

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Parasylum is back and it’s scarier than ever! Robbie Thomas has once again proven he is a master at writing horror. The fear is palatable and without a doubt will have your heart pounding and you at the edge of your seat.

After the surprise ending in the first Parasylum installment you would think a whole new cast of characters would be on this investigation. But you would be wrong. The team of five is back in full force on what could be the one to go down in their records as the investigation that almost ended their lives.

From the moment the team sets foot in the Rendezvous Hotel, they are confronted with threats by the ghosts of mobsters from the 1920s looking to add more victims to their stockpile. With each floor they investigate, the walls seem to come alive with demons and monsters, and situations that will have the team questioning their sanity.

Throw in a rogue team of investigators and the haunting ramps up to an even horrific level, causing them all to start running for their lives in search of escape from the Rendezvous Hotel.

Any horror aficionado will crawl inside this book wanting to take part in the terrifying action. Thomas, a psychic and avid paranormal investigator, knows the terror of an active investigation. As a result, he is able to transfer the fear into words that most definitely rival Steven King, the reigning master of horror.

The devil is in the details and Thomas has done his homework. He brings all the elements of investigation to his readers in the form of equipment and terminology. He continued development of his characters that enables readers to make a connection, which inevitably draws them further into the story.

Bottom line; if you are looking for a horror story that will have you turning on all the lights, checking under the furniture and making sure the doors are all locked, this is the book for you. Pull up your big boy panties and be prepared for the scare of your lives. This one is a killer.

Jodi Hanson

Suspense Magazine

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