Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Catch A Thief!

Just into Robbie Thomas Offices
January 29/2013 copied from email sent to our office

(You Can't Hide From The Minds Eye!)

Back in 2008 during The Midsouth Convention in Kentucky, I was one of the speakers and speaking on the various murder/missing persons cases I assist in. A vendor during the Convention had their home broken into and much was taken. They came to me asking for help, if I could give any information for them and the police to apprehend the criminal(s) who did this. I gave information, which ultimately lead to the criminal and the apprehension of the theif. Below's a letter my office just received that we are happy to share showing Psychic Profiling in criminal cases, you can’t hide from the minds eye!

 "Robbie, about 3-5 years ago somewhere in this time frame you attended a paranormal convention across from the Louisville Kentucky Expo center and fair grounds at a hotel (cant remember the name of the hotel I believe it has been torn down or redeveloped by now) where I met you at, I'm sure you don't remember me I was young at the time, but my parents Lisa and Eddie Lawrence had a tattoo booth for their shop Creative Ink held there and of the days we attended, our house was broken into and you helped us and gave us hints as to who had broken into the house, thanks to you we were able to find the criminal!"
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