Sunday, January 20, 2013

Parasylum II The Unleashed - Release Date Announced!

(From the back cover of Parasylum II The Unleashed)

RELEASE DATE: End of March 2013

"Perception of life is in the reality one gives it, thus the illusion of time is that of everlasting. One crosses the threshold of many intertwined realms, on many different plains, which transforms the mindset and giving it the power to dream. It’s within these dreams that one creates the reality of their own, while sometimes they become nightmares with no return. Welcome to Parasylum II The Unleashed. It’ll take you to hell and back.

When Paranormal goes wrong, the undead crave your soul!"

-Robbie Thomas

Critic Reviews

"Here comes Part 2 where J.C. and his team is at it again. Beer's flowing on the floor and hearts are pounding. Who wouldn't have a pounding heart after listening to an EVP that said you are going to die. I said the first book in this series was a real page turner. Well, this book goes beyond that description. Be careful your eyes don't go into warp drive to see what happens at the hotel to J.C. and his team. Can you wait to find out if the hotel investigated is a part of the "you can check in but you can't check out hotel chain?"
-Martha Decker, Award Winning Jouralist/Author/Paranormal Researcher

"Parasylum II is here and it's holy heck scary! EVP death threats, malevolent spirits, and heart-pounding sequences are so intense you will be jumping at shadows. The twenty's have passed but the gangsters never left and they're hell bent on taking out as many victims as they can. Run while you can or you're next! Hold on people it's going to be a terror ride!"
-Jodi Hanson, Journalist/Review Critic for Suspense Magazine & Chapters and Chats


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  1. This story sounds interesting. I think my dad would like it too. He's into horror.