Friday, January 18, 2013

Critique and the Critic!

Oh let’s face it, the arena of life is filled with critics regardless of what profession, or walk of life you're from. Everyone has a say, which really belongs to the person who's critiquing whatever it is they're reading, working on, or just want to chime in on something other than their own. Projecting evaluations of another’s work isn’t the last say, it's only one person’s say! It doesn’t mean it’s a definitive, or a means to sway others in any direction whatsoever. It's merely just input, giving direction of sorts to either, better oneself in the area of expertise of your work, or just trying to give a personal perspective on their very own liking of whatever it is you're doing or have done.

It's a blessing in disguise really when you think of it, for it lends the credence of you and in saying so; they're taking notice of you. Good or bad, a critique is still “Good”, as it's the benchmark for you to work at understanding the fact, not everyone will like, or achieve that same result as many others who might agree, or even disagree with what's being evaluated.

Never walk away from a Critic’s view point, for remember, it’s only one view point that actually is constructive criticism and you can draw from that. Once again, no one critique will be the same as the other, thus, you, as the subject of the inquisition, have an opportunity to utilize all aspects of what's being said. A personal point of view has its merits and then again, that's all it is, a personal point of view. Remember, the critic, is only as good as his/her critique, which gives you the upper hand in the first place. Always look at it through rose colored glasses, as well as a glass half full!


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