Monday, May 07, 2012

Time Shift The Paradigm

"This Book Is EPIC!"
Mike Kalinowski, Schiffer Publishing Review Critic
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" Robbie Thomas's book "Time Shift : The Paradigm" is an astounding roller-coaster ride through an exciting world that I walk away feeling personally invested in. Robbie takes a very cerebral approach to writing that informs with legitimate fact and current research while keeping the action extremely exciting and pulls you more into the world he writes about. Time Shift is written in a way that you become immersed in the story, you understand the motives and thoughts of the characters, you start to care and worry about them. It becomes so easy to relate to with the inclusion of fact and current theories that you can visualize yourself involved with the story. But just when you start to understand what's happening... *WHAM!*... there's another curve ball that takes you down another exciting path full of science, twists, turns, reality and surreal moments of unexplained phenomena and so much more! This is a book that is extremely hard to put down! Part of me knows it's fiction but then again, frequently you are left thinking about the possibility of....I just can't give it away! You must read this to understand. When one chapter ends you drive to know what happens next. Robbie's writing brings surreal phenomena to a level that makes you think it could be an extreme possibility in reality. I am thoroughly excited to review this book for Robbie Thomas and I eagerly anticipate more great writings! "
Side Note:
All that aside I have one specific scene that is still haunting me from last night. The part between Zebra Station and the #2 Pod I believe....That writing is so exciting I'm heavily reminded of The Airport Scene in Stephen Kings The Langoliers. The reason I make that comparison is that is absolutely one of my favorite books and it was represented well in movie form. I make this coloration because it is EXTREMELY Easy to see this book in movie form and I would be extremely excited to hear that as a possibility too!

Michael Kalinowski

Book Review Critic for Schiffer Pulishing

Friday, May 04, 2012

To You From Spirit
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Read the book that gives you uplifting. good for your soul daily Blessings!

Uplifting and well written in reflection for the soul! Everyone who reads this book will carefully place a bookmarker within his or her heart, which will give abundant solace within. The writing is that of great origin, the finest in the guidance from spirit to which each who turns the pages will be exuberant with enlightenment. Each page grows with you as you are drawn into the spiritual uplifting element of this book. Without further ado, allow yourself to feel whole in spirit when the message is To You From Spirit.

Critic Reviews
"Robbie Thomas has proven himself to many people as both a psychic and a man with clear and unique bridge to the spiritual realm. The book is divided into short sections that cover many topics, and its a great reference for those days when you are having difficulty with a decision or just want to know you are not alone. It wraps you in a warm blanket of solace, and by that, lives up to its bold title!" - Award Winning Film Producer Ronald James

"In modern times rarely does an author mesh the factual strength of hard science with uplifting beauty of pure spirituality. One thing I can guarantee is that you will be a much different person when you start reading this book from the one you' ll become once you've finish"
-Michael Esposito, EVP Researcher/Paranormal Investigator

"Robbie Thomas has changed my life! This book and his teachings have changed a lot in me and the way I look at things. I am sure if you read this book, you too will find what you are looking for!"
-Trevor "Moose" Stoyko, Radio DJ Bob Fm

Signs From Heaven
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Factual accounts of encounters with spirit.
Robbie Thomas, world-renowned medium psychic, has been helping people around the world for many years bringing them closer to the other side through contact with their loved ones. As you read Signs from Heaven, you are taking an enlightening journey, giving you much more perspective of life on the other side and within you. You are going to witness many accounts that are verified by testimonials from many individuals from around the world. Each account is different, giving much weight to the validity within! This book has been craved for a long while, finally coming to light to share in the very essence of spirit it was meant for, and the realm of spirit of you. Please sit back, letting the truth of spirit surround you, allowing yourself to embrace everything within. Signs from Heaven is thought provoking while leaving the reader wanting much more. It is the fire that burns within, the yearning to learn, the quest for knowledge that we seek, so grab hold of this beautifully written account of factual writings and find the solace you seek!

Critic Reviews!

"I wish you all the success with this endeavor. This is a truly inspiring story!" - Roger Gallaway, PC, MP Federal Government Official of Canada

"I didn't want this book to end! Robbie Thomas words permeated my very existence and were indelibly inscribed in my mind. For you are a true 'pillar of light', a messenger of God!" - Reverend May Leilani Schmidt, Spiritual Healer

"I am not quite done this book yet more than half way finished. I decided to read Thomas's other book Paranormal Encounters first and found it EXCELLENT. This book too is written differently than that of the other one, but all in the same its a great read too. Very Spiritual and amazed I am at the people lives this Thomas touches just amazed. Genuine is all I can say. WOW!" -Trevor Davidson, Ontario, Canada

#2 Best Sellers List 2010
Available Everywhere Books Are Sold

A complete book about encounters with the other side. Two critically acclaimed hit movies are written within its pages.

'Paranormal Encounters', is a complete, comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at paranormal investigations and at two major movies, 'The Sallie House', and the critically acclaimed hit movie 'Dead Whisper' where first-time-ever communications with the other side was captured in direct conversations with a psychic medium. You are going to be captivated by what the other side has to say as Robbie Thomas brings forward more than just validation that was caught on EVP and film but the truth behind each place visited on this journey. The uninvited were most prevalent during these many factual moments that were all documented in real time, either on film, electronic voice phenomena, or written documentation in script form. As you read through these chilling accounts, you will become more than will be living 'The Dead Whisper'!


"The books is great!.. I really did enjoy reading it, this is excellent." - Barrie John, Award Winning Psychic Television Personality, England

"Paranormal Encounters is definitely the best selling book for 2010!!!
I could not put this book down." -Carmela Giorgio, Perth Australia

"I just had a sneak peek/read of the book "Paranormal Encounters" on Kindle by Psychic Medium Criminal Profiler/Paranormal Investigator/Author/Producer Robbie Thomas...and all I can say is...ABSOFRICKINLUTELY AMAZING!! God Bless You Robbie Thomas! Way to go!" -Brenda Thibert-Davies, Ontario Canada

"It is hard for me to find a book to read that I can't put down. Robbie Thomas you have accomplished just that with "Paranormal Encounters". Definitely a 5 star read!" -SJ Christ, MAPSS Paranormal Investigator

" What a great read for anyone interested in the paranormal or the afterlife!" -Robert J. Davis, CEO Planet Paranormal Media and Entertainment, Planet Paranormal Investigations.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Paranormal Encounters by Robbie Thomas! Thomas does an excellent job of taking the reader behind the scenes of his ghostly investigations & well documented spine-tingling journeys into the supernatural. If you have an affinity for the paranormal or just a passing curiosity about spirits then Paranormal Encounters is a true paranormal pleasure!" -Wendy Price, Summerfield. FL

"One reason this book is unique in that for the very first time actual communications from numerous spirits have been simultaneously recorded both on audiotapes and film at the same, exact time as Robbie Thomas translated what the spirits were saying to him. Now I am a believer both in Robbie Thomas' exceptional gift from God and the fact that the dead can talk to us at will." -Gloria Shepherd, Award Winning Screen Writer/Author

"Paranormal Encounters" is by far one of the most comprehensive and rationally thought out books I have come across in all of my years of research. The methodology and insight that Robbie provides is a must for anyone, the professional researcher or anyone who just love a good ghost story with validity to back everything up! AMAZING!" -Michael Esposito - EVP Researcher/..Paranormal Investigator

"Paranormal Encounters is well worth reading and including in your paranormal library. It is 195 pages of information and enlightenment into the spirit world and someone who can see and hear what most of us can only wonder about. Although *Ghost* was only a Hollywood representation of fictional characters, Robbie Thomas and Paranormal Encounters is the real deal!" -Drs. Dave DD, PhD, Reiki Master and Sharon Oester PhD, International Ghost Hunters Society
Psychic Profiler Television Series

We are working in partnership with Robbie Thomas to bring a new and exciting series to television entitled "Psychic Profiler." Robbie has amazing abilities and has helped many families deal with the grief and the unknown surrounding the unexpected passing of their loved ones. He assists with law enforcement across North America. We hope this series will soon be broadcast and we hope that all of our efforts will help heal the terrible wounds that are inflicted upon the victim and the remaining family and friends when a heinous crime has been committed.
Michael Lamport, Producer
Rescue Mediums/Curious and Unusual Deaths/St Roz/In Your Wildest Dreams