Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Mothers Love For Her Daughter

Psychic Robbie Thomas Helps Save Young Girls Life

This is a story about courage, never giving up hope, reaching out and helping one another. A story about saving a child’s life, bringing her home ALIVE AND SAFE. It's a lesson to parents, who are reading this, for no one is invincible, it can happen to you too. Educate your children, for this goes on more than you think. Kim is a mother very lucky to have her daughter back with her, where in most cases, they don’t come back home. What you are about to read, is the exact wording from the mother (Kim Landry) who did just that! This is a recent case I assisted in just of late.

I think its time to tell my story, no matter how embarrassing it might be, if I can help one child, one person that has had to deal with what I have dealt with then I know that I am doing the right thing!

We all know how difficult it can be raising teenage daughters, so it comes as no surprise to parents that we always just don’t get along!  Well that day came last winter to me and my daughters relationship!  She left home and I never heard from her, only on occasion just to let me know that she was still alive.  I was left behind by my daughter and her daughter that she had when she was  just 14.  An already troubled teenager that had support from her family didn’t realize (nor did I) what she was about to endure in the coming months.  She had a girlfriend that I guess she thought cared more about her then we did.  This girlfriend introduced her into a world of prostitution.  Now occasionally I would hear from her and meet her at certain places and that gave me a sense of relief that she was still okay.  I would receive the odd text of her having black eyes or her cellphone was smashed so she couldn’t text me.  Now I didn’t know what she was involved at this point, until I started doing more research into it and taking the clues about bruises and phones being broken.  I was given a tip one day about her being on websites for escort services.  I saw her picture online and she was only 17.  This a parents worst nightmare.  I felt ashamed, totally lost and helpless!  Then came the time where I hadn’t heard from her in two weeks.  I was at a total loss as to what to do, I contacted Robbie Thomas through facebook.  I have known Robbie since the 1990’s when he hosted an MSN chatroom.  He has given me very accurate readings where he has even given me names of loved ones, so I trusted his talent to help me with my daughter.  Out of the goodness of his heart he was able to verify my worst nightmare and supported me through this terrible ordeal of my life.  He helped me bring my daughter home ALIVE!  He is a wonderful human being filled with compassion and kindness.  I hope that my story will help parents, teenagers anybody  that might find themselves in the situation I was in!  There is hope out there!  This is one story where we were not investigating a murder and the ending was truly happy!

Thank you Robbie,
Kim Landry
Ontario, Canada
November, 06/2012

For more information on this case and many others Robbie has assisted in you can visit www.robbiethomas.net


  1. I am so happy this story turned out to have a happy ending. I live in a suburb outside Atlanta Ga. As a human service major in college, my Daughter found out that human trafficking involving young girls is a real problem here. I would have never expected to the extent that this exists today. Robbie, you are amazing and it is such a blessing that you could allow this mother to have her family back before it was too late.

  2. Mike Carson5:21 PM

    Wow! What a story! As a father of 2 girls, it's great to see a nightmare turn into a "success" story. Love to Robbie for all the wonderful things he does and his BIG heart!

  3. dave hughes8:23 PM

    you will never be alone at the end of the road......cuz robbie thomas will always be there to help!

  4. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Robbie Thomas since 2006. Robbie always puts himself out there and is truly gifted in helping families of lost and kidnapped children. His readings are very accurate and he is such a genuine person. You are not alone, just reach out and Robbie is there to help. One big heart and many gifts to help you find peace again.