Good Reflective Point

You often see it, where parents force the aspirations onto their children when actually the child isn’t interested, or has their own dream. It’s almost like playing director fitting them for the part, yet the part don’t fit them. Born is the travesty of sure backfire, leaving at times self-esteem problems, broken hearts, and that gilded feeling of a letdown.

Same holds true for children who have a brief encounter or two with spirit. Parents became so adamant that their child is “psychic” or holds a special prowess enabling them to communicate with the other side at will. Enter the forced regiment of questions, poignant thought perseverance, perhaps a slight mind control with the play on words, which then leaves a child thinking they really are equipped with a 4D range of interpretation.

Everything in life should be nurtured, guided, explained to, not forced, pointed out or pushed onto children. What may be the parent’s aspirations to live vicariously through their children’s eyes, might not be what the child really wants. With anything in life whatsoever, one either has ability, or they don’t. Sure certain aspects can be taught, but not what is a living asset bestowed upon another. Everyone has a talent in life, its finding that niche and living that dream. If one loves what they do in life, the life of what they do is easy. Nothing should be a forced venue, it should be natural.

I have often said it and we see it every day, too many people trying to walk among the dead, when they don’t even know how to walk among the living! They put the onus on their children, or themselves for that matter, to be what they see in another, yet they can’t live the life they have been given them. Too much of wanting to be something or someone, which they aren’t and over time it completely ruins living life fully to gain the proper perspective in life. Oh I am not saying don’t go out and try things in life to see, if you fit in, or not in what you seek, however, there comes a time where, if it isn’t natural like breathing itself, there are limitations for a reason. Do what is right and comfortable within your capacity of living, over extending a child’s, or yourself as the parent, can lead to many complications throughout your life. Nothing is given you throughout your day that you can’t handle, it’s what is given by yourself, or the ones you love with expectations that might not be reached, which is the burden in your day.

Live life and let life live, breathe and exhale, don’t place virtue or definitive motives on life and life will grant you solace.      

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