Aspire to Inspire

Something’s in life are non- negotiable!

The men/women who Aspire to Inspire, and who have sat in situations where they've listened only to reach out to another, giving hope and aspirations for their dreams, so they, too, can one day do the same.
Dreams, the ideas of notions that flutter around in one’s mindset that give color to many aspects, which drives the heart to create, to be the creator, the inventor of Aspiration. A child sits and daydreams of far off distant places, with many different scenarios that are part of their youth, those around them, and perhaps some new friends they've imagined. The innocence of creativity, is the foundation to us all, the love of inventing making things come true, or at best, the start of something to come.
Putting pen to paper is one of the most beautiful creative ways to express your ideas, dreams, or maybe that long awaited thought you've just had to get down in writing. It cascades you into a realm of many different places, people, adventures and to think, what an escape it is, as you lustfully crave more and more of this pleasant place to be.  
Sharing all this with many, is but a treasure of many troves and bliss of something no one can ever take from you. This is something in life that's non-negotiable, for it's from you, about you, it's part of you and no one owns that!

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