It's Your Life, Live It Fully!

That ray of hope, the unconditional love of life and what it has to offer. Are we a subdued society where we expect more than that of what we should be giving? Oh it may seem cliché, however, it alone speaks volumes towards that old saying, “you get out of it what you put into it!” One can’t expect rainbows to appear making things all picturesque, or the same for relief from the doldrums in life to just vanish by wishing on a star. It takes YOU, as the single most important ingredient in the total equation of life, to make things happen. Nothing is ever going to be handed to you, nor will it just grow on trees.

The just rewards are from the fruit of thy labor! Indeed…and then some, you might add. It’s only common sense to ascertain good thoughts, but its putting those thoughts into actions that really make it all work. Never look down upon yourself, for trying and seemingly not making it, or as some might call, “failing”. How can one learn lessons, if one doesn’t falter once in a while and how can one perfect what is not right, if they don’t “fail”. Never look at it as “failure”, rather look at it as a stepping stone to a betterment of what you are trying to accomplish. You can’t achieve, or reach your goal, if you don’t fall down from time to time, for that is where you pick yourself back up and try again. “Fall down 7 times get back up 8!”

Compliment yourself along the way in this road of life for every moment, situation, or valuable lesson, because you owe it to yourself. Oh yes indeed, there will be those no matter what that will say the opposite, or dislike what you do, or even go out of their way to create havoc, but you know, those are the ones who are still in the shadows of nowhere. They don’t know any better, nor do they see past their own tunnel vision. Haters, trolls, are and will be around as long as there is envy and jealousy. One good thing, they are paying you a compliment and are part of your fan club. What better way to have free advertisement, cheering section, and above all the admiration, because they exude that through the way they express themselves.

Remember, you never fail at anything in life, for its YOUR LIFE! Free will, living it fully and loving every minute of it. If you work hard and play fair, life gives back what you put into it.

“A man or womans wealth isn’t measured in what he or she gets out of life, it’s measured in what he or she gives to life!”–Robbie Thomas       

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