Living Paranormal!

Calling it like it is!

In all the years of working within the Paranormal Field and Spiritual Realm, the encounters have been many, as I have visited places not only within North America, but that of Europe as well. I have had the fortunate side of things come to fruition working with many integral individuals within both fields of work and thus while doing so, have not only learned much, but taught much as well. Decades of sophistication one might say, yet it’s just something one lives in the life of a day, as they continue to do this type of work.

Enter the mainstream media and the roles it plays, for there was a time things of this nature were so unheard of, or they were shunned by society as a whole. We still see this, as ignorance is bliss one might say, though in the hindsight of those who are so subsided in not wanting to know, they creep out of their closet once in a while, plug in a horror movie, a paranormal movie, something Sci-Fi in any respect and then crawl back into the closet to yet deny any interception of their own daily living, putting up those blinders to which they walk blindly along.

Forging ahead, regardless of what some might call as Satanic, Evil doings. Yet, those who speak so loudly, are actually Hypocrites in plain sight. There's always going to be the little notion of wanting to know, wanting to see, wanting to encounter something, anything, just to validate one’s own curiosity, or validate what they have been going through in life, but they ignore it as “coincidence!” Oh take heed people, the end is not near, there is no fire depths of hell that will consume you, nor is there any fifty lashes to be had because you seek only what is right and that of the daily living of every single human being on this planet.

Living Paranormal is just as it says, LIVING PARANORMAL! Things of the unexplained one might encounter that either need explaining, or they have their own personal context to it. EVERYONE has some form of communication, encounter, or “coincidental” happening. Let’s face it, there's going to be those who oppose what I am saying today, however, living life with a singular tunnel vision only leads to short-sightedness, therefore, WHO CARES! To each his or her own, and that is a good way to put it, for I personally and I know you who are reading this don’t condemn them who speak out so loudly, we just look at what is being presented letting the facts fall where they may. Again, let’s face it, when this is all said and done, the day of reckoning comes calling, even those who are so opposed to LIVING PARANORMAL, will then have their own encounter and that my friends is the end of this story. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

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