Be Yourself -Take Notice!

You know it’s funny the times we live in, of course some might say the referral of point I’m making won’t apply, or doesn’t apply to them, however, how many times have you caught yourself in the rat race of wanting to be at the top of anything in life. Do you have to belong, part of that “click”? Well, I’m here to tell you, blaze that path baby, your own and forget about a worn out pair of shoes, when you can have your very own trail blazers. Never depend on no one! Seriously folks, we see it too much, how life has evolved into the trend of sheep, rather than that of being your own leader. Oh people are going to disagree, but step back for a moment, when was the last time you really stood out from the crowd.
I know this is a poignant statement, however, if it’s making your think, then I touched some chord here. Rise above that so called trend, or those so called trend setters, be your own realization of life. You only have so many tomorrows, never wait for them to come, they are numbered. Let’s face it, each day that passes by, is a day lost to your own ability to become much more than what you give yourself credit for. You have a story to tell, tell it! You want your life to be noticed, take notice of it! You wish to do more, JUST DO IT! The adversity one has, is acquired by his, or her own doing. Break the bond, that shackled attempt of holding you down, for again, you hold the key to everything in your life. Nothing is dictated to you, you become your own dictation. Move beyond the boundaries of limitations, as only limitations are set from yourself. No one holds anything over you.
Remember it doesn’t matter what others think, say, or do, what matters is what you love about yourself that gives you the freedom to do anything and everything in your life. Blaze that trail and leave your mark!     

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