Time Shift Compared to Stephen Kings Langoliers!

"Robbie Thomas Book Is Epic!"

" Robbie Thomas' book "Time Shift The Paradigm" is an astounding roller-coaster ride through an exciting world that I walk away feeling personally invested in. Robbie takes a very cerebral approach to writing that informs with legitimate fact and current research while keeping the action extremely exciting pulling you more into the world he writes about. Time Shift, is written in a way that you become immersed in the story. You understand the motives and thoughts of the characters, you start to care and worry about them. It becomes so easy to relate to with the inclusion of fact and current theories that you can visualize yourself involved with the story. But just when you start to understand what's happening... *WHAM!*... there's another curve ball that takes you down another exciting path full of science, twists, turns, reality and surreal moments of unexplained phenomena and so much more!

This is a book that is extremely hard to put down! Part of me knows it's fiction, but then again, frequently you're left thinking about the possibility of....I just can't give it away! You must read this to understand. When one chapter ends you drive to know what happens next. Robbies' writing brings surreal phenomena to a level that makes you think it could be an extreme possibility in reality. I'm thoroughly excited to review this book for Robbie Thomas and I eagerly anticipate more great writings! "

Side Note:
All that aside, I've one specific scene that's still haunting me from last night. The part between Zebra Station and the #2 Pod I believe...That writing's so exciting I'm heavily reminded of The Airport Scene in Stephen Kings The Langoliers. The reason I make that comparison, it's absolutely one of my favorite books and it was represented well in movie form. I make this coloration because it's EXTREMELY Easy to see this book in movie form and I'd be extremely excited to hear that as a possibility too!

Michael Kalinowski
Book Review Critic Schiffers' Publishing

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