You see it much in the way of face to face conversations, where people share in idea’s, actions, or just a friendly smile. Have we lost our way in how to communicate in real life versus that of the computer? Have we evolved into demographic key strokes so much so, that living the normalcy of life has become a quick enter or delete situation? Research may show that people do spend more time sitting at a computer, rather than around the dining room table for supper, where real time interaction takes place with humans and not that of machines. What have we become? Some might say, it’s a new way of life, but is it life really? Where's the human interaction rather than the screen in front of the keyboard and the “send button”?

Has society manipulated itself into believing we're progressing into the future, but could this be just a deceitful way of stating things? Oh how bliss the days of old, where neighbors spent hours just talking over the fence, sharing in conversation in real time. The days of walking down the street stopping to talk to a stranger passing moments of intellectual interaction has now come to logging on to facebook or twitter, sitting eating bonbons and wondering why those extra few pounds won’t disappear.

Is it, Interaction or inter-dependency, on what might be considered not so mind stimulating after all?

What is your perspective as this is a good topic of discussion?



  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Too true! Thank you for posting this. I think society has been too focused on the computer and less on its own backyard so to speak. Love your blogsite, and your books!


  2. I sort of have a different prospective on the use of technology and how we communicate now with the computer. I still feel like I am in touch with my neighbors. I still make dinner and sit with my husband and kids and we discuss everything. I use the computer as my connection to the world. I am able to have conversations and make contact that I would have never been able to make with out it. There is an endless supply on information on any topic of interest, ways to see others views and understand complex regional news and views I never could have learned or studied about before.