Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Robbie Thomas releases Parasylum II The Unleashed Released On CBS Radio

Parasylum II The Unleashed Released On CBS Radio

The Horror Trilogy continues from
Best Selling Author Robbie Thomas!
Critics and fans got their fear factor on when Parasylum book I came out. Now, the long awaited release of Parasylum II The Unleashed has seen a mad rush to rejoin those who research into the dark recesses of the Paranormal.
There are many twists and turns as you walk through the dream sequence of many illusions that lead to the ultimate nightmare.
Parasylum II The Unleashed 

Horror has never seen such terror!
Available Amazon, Barns and Noble, Chapters Indigo, Coles Stores
Where ever books are sold!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Robbie Thomas Featured In Signs Magazine!

Robbie Thomas 
Featured In April's Issue Of Signs Magazine! 
An In Depth, Straight Talk Look, Into The Paranormal And Spiritual Fields With Robbie Thomas!
This Is One Interview
You Don't Want To Miss...
More About Robbie

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love Life Enough To Love Yourself!

Feeling great loving life as you lead it! That’s the key, leading it, not being led! Never let another or anything in life dictate who or what you are in any way whatsoever. The accomplishments in your life, are not just memories, these are the foundation of you and what you stand for. If you stood for something in your life, even if it meant standing alone, you did it and that's a huge accomplishment. Doing well by others is essential, as it’s a positive virtue in life that goes without saying. Always stand on the good side of things, building others up never tearing them down. Give to life, rather than taking from it. Show the character it takes to achieve the betterment for you as well as others in and around your life that you live. Respect everything and it comes back to you a thousand fold. Positive ness, is a blessing in disguise so-to-speak, while it grows as others draw from it, this is the secret to your days goodness.
Healing at times might seem cumbersome, however, you have the power within you to let go, becoming everything you really desire within. It’s in releasing the negative energies, people, strife in your life, which will give you the purpose that you so seek. Never allow anything in the day to steer you from your happiness. Steer yourself in the way that is prosperous, loving, caring and this grants you the peace and solace you so seek. Offer yourself to help others, this is a great way to express self-taught patience and in doing so, you grant your will within you to flourish beyond the imaginable. 
Love yourself enough to love life and those who co-exist with you. One life, one race, one existence for all, once you gain the knowledge of this, everything in life is so much better. A better living through spiritual means, means your spirit is ALIVE!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Paranormal / Spiritual


When one makes the conscious decision to explore what is proper in life and a part of their very being for better understanding, they do so in relevant knowledge that’s already within them. Oh, some will say it’s all scientific, however, we must think the fact one sets out on such a quest is the yearning for more of something that’s bigger in every sense. As one travels the road that’s been traveled by many, a life of progression begins in the facet of learning or broadening of the mindset, which enables the spiritual aspect to flourish.

Let’s face it, the original tools of investigation; (to which still are without a doubt) the most used is ones senses. No gadgetry, no flickering lights or buzzers going off, just the pureness of understanding through spiritual means. Everyone and that is everyone, utilizes this first and foremost as the unique perpetual wanting to know comes into effect. This is the very first sign wanting to know! This is the very first conscious decision made in the eclipse of discovering the Paranormal.

Now with that said, is it really “Paranormal”, or is it at best “everything Normal?” Indeed, everything normal is what we are, who we’ve become and where we’ll be going. A refresher of the will, which reinstates that yearning factor to know more than a coincidence or a chance encounter. It all boils down to the fact the spiritual is truly the side upon which all paranormal is, as your first keen initiative was to explore, wanting to know, craving that moment, (sensing there’s something more to who you are!) Nothing abnormal about this and everything Normal in every sense as the draw of your inner self finds the proper way of atonement.
Spirit - It Resides Within      

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Robbie Thomas Website Gets Face Lift!

Many in the now articles, cases, books and more keeping you up to date and informed on Robbie Thomas.  
Stop on by and see what's all new!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Dreaming Debuts at #39 In Paperback In Europe!

Available Everywhere Books Are Sold!

Dawning Of A Right Day!

In the light of a new dawning to a fantastic day, we all look for the betterment for everyone regardless of what direction they decide to take for themselves. We most certainly are not the creators of their path nor should we hold judgement for the steps they’ll take. We merely are the voice of reason or guidance if you will. Sometimes we all have our own wake up calls so-to-speak, lending the ever faithful nudge that, yes we are most certainly human. Be the creator of your dynasty, your own little world and let it flourish beyond the scope of your imagination. Like a writer putting pen to paper the imagination is endless, the painter with brush in hand who cascades the endless sea of beauty on canvass, these are the foundations to what thrives within all who love the expression of life. I raise my glass and say, cheers! Well done! No one is perfect, I’m most certainly not, nor do I begin to say or think I am, just a mere individual in a long line of many with ambitions, dreams and the love of life for expression for sharing with everyone.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

An Interview Up Close And Personal With Robbie Thomas

An Intimate Interview With Robbie Thomas, Parasylum And More! 
Click The Photograph Above To Read Interview

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Dreaming - Another Hot Release By Robbie Thomas

From Best Selling Author Robbie Thomas comes a book that'll help you discover those hidden messages.

The soul carries many messages from our subconscious giving notice to us in various ways. It’s how we interpret the meanings of those messages that we're able to find the reprieve we seek. We carry burden throughout our day, which leaves us wondering, questioning any resolve whatsoever.
 When our dreams start to reflect this, it’s time to take action finding the hidden message for our peace.

Dreaming is 94 pages of a very detailed book taking you through many different types of dreams, how to record your dreams properly and giving you the ability to work within your means to decipher their meanings. It’s a direct spiritual look through your soul and how you, the dreamer, can remedy the solace you seek.

(As a bonus there's pages in the back of the book where you keep a dream journal. Interpret your dreams through reading 'Dreaming')