Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Catch A Thief!

Just into Robbie Thomas Offices
January 29/2013 copied from email sent to our office

(You Can't Hide From The Minds Eye!)

Back in 2008 during The Midsouth Convention in Kentucky, I was one of the speakers and speaking on the various murder/missing persons cases I assist in. A vendor during the Convention had their home broken into and much was taken. They came to me asking for help, if I could give any information for them and the police to apprehend the criminal(s) who did this. I gave information, which ultimately lead to the criminal and the apprehension of the theif. Below's a letter my office just received that we are happy to share showing Psychic Profiling in criminal cases, you can’t hide from the minds eye!

 "Robbie, about 3-5 years ago somewhere in this time frame you attended a paranormal convention across from the Louisville Kentucky Expo center and fair grounds at a hotel (cant remember the name of the hotel I believe it has been torn down or redeveloped by now) where I met you at, I'm sure you don't remember me I was young at the time, but my parents Lisa and Eddie Lawrence had a tattoo booth for their shop Creative Ink held there and of the days we attended, our house was broken into and you helped us and gave us hints as to who had broken into the house, thanks to you we were able to find the criminal!"
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Critics Rave Over Parasylum!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Excerpt from Parasylum II The Unleashed!

Coming for you this March 2013
"My thoughts escape with everything going on around me. How and the hell can this shit be happening, this is ludicrous. I look at everyone seeing the fright they’ve all carried within them, then I think, who’s big idea was this anyways. The mark of evil within this place scars my soul, it’s literally destroying the very being I am. Their eyes show the fear it’s instilled, it’s plain as day. The writing’s on the wall, leaving no room for error, no room for light at the end of the tunnel. What the fuck are we all going to do!?

Here, in this damn dank place, it’s not where I want to be. It seems I’ve been here a thousand times, living a thousand lives. Don’t know how we’re going to make it through this desolate isolation that’s sucked us deep within its bowels of darkness. If it doesn’t kill us, we’ve got to make a stand, destroying whatever horrors it’ll unleashed on us. I sense something isn’t right with everyone in the group, but I can’t put my finger on it. Something’s blocking my ability to see past that wall, the wall of deceit and deception."
-Parasylum II The Unleashed

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Parasylum Horror Trilogy Fan Page on Facebook!

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Reality Check - Perspective!

You see it much in the way of face-to-face conversations, where people share ideas, actions, or just a friendly smile. Have we lost our way in how to communicate in real life versus that of the computer? Have we evolved into demographic key strokes so-much-so, that living the normalcy of life has become a quick enter, or delete situation? Research may show that people do spend more time sitting at a computer, rather than around the dining room table for supper, where real time interaction takes place with humans and not that of machines. What have we become? Some might say, it’s a new way of life, but is it life really? Where's the human interaction, rather than the screen in front of the keyboard and the “send button”?
Has society manipulated itself into believing we're progressing into the future, but could this be just a deceitful way of stating things? Oh how bliss the days of old, where neighbors spent hours just talking over the fence, sharing in conversation in real time. The days of walking down the street stopping to talk to a stranger passing moments of intellectual interaction has now come to logging on to facebook or twitter, sitting eating bonbons and wondering why those extra few pounds won’t disappear.
Is it, Interaction or inter-dependency, on what could be considered, not so mind stimulating after all?
Just one man’s perspective!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paranormal Encounters, Best Selling Paranormal Book!

'Paranormal Encounters', is a complete, comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at paranormal investigations and at two major movies, 'The Sallie House', and the critically acclaimed hit movie 'Dead Whisper' where first-time-ever communications with the other side was captured in direct conversations with a psychic medium, Robbie Thomas. You're going to be captivated by what the other side has to say, as Robbie Thomas brings forward more than just validation that's caught on EVP and film, but the truth behind each place visited on this journey. The uninvited were most prevalent during these many factual moments that were all documented in real time, either on film, electronic voice phenomena, or written documentation in script form. As you read through these chilling accounts, you'll become more than'll be living 'The Paranormal Encounter'!

"The books is great!.. I really did enjoy reading it, this is excellent." - Barrie John, Award Winning Psychic Television Personality, England

"Paranormal Encounters is definitely the best selling book for 2010!!!
I could not put this book down." -Carmela Giorgio, Perth Australia

"I just had a sneak peek/read of the book "Paranormal Encounters" on Kindle by Psychic Medium Criminal Profiler/Paranormal Investigator/Author/Producer Robbie Thomas...and all I can say is...ABSOFRICKINLUTELY AMAZING!! God Bless You Robbie Thomas! Way to go!" -Brenda Thibert-Davies, Ontario Canada

"It is hard for me to find a book to read that I can't put down. Robbie Thomas you have accomplished just that with "Paranormal Encounters". Definitely a 5 star read!" -SJ Christ, MAPSS Paranormal Investigator

" What a great read for anyone interested in the paranormal or the afterlife!" -Robert J. Davis, CEO Planet Paranormal Media and Entertainment, Planet Paranormal Investigations.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Paranormal Encounters by Robbie Thomas! Thomas does an excellent job of taking the reader behind the scenes of his ghostly investigations & well documented spine-tingling journeys into the supernatural. If you have an affinity for the paranormal or just a passing curiosity about spirits then Paranormal Encounters is a true paranormal pleasure!" -Wendy Price, Summerfield. FL

"One reason this book is unique in that for the very first time actual communications from numerous spirits have been simultaneously recorded both on audiotapes and film at the same, exact time as Robbie Thomas translated what the spirits were saying to him. Now I am a believer both in Robbie Thomas' exceptional gift from God and the fact that the dead can talk to us at will." -Gloria Shepherd, Award Winning Screen Writer/Author

"Paranormal Encounters" is by far one of the most comprehensive and rationally thought out books I have come across in all of my years of research. The methodology and insight that Robbie provides is a must for anyone, the professional researcher or anyone who just love a good ghost story with validity to back everything up! AMAZING!" -Michael Esposito - EVP Researcher/..Paranormal Investigator

"Paranormal Encounters is well worth reading and including in your paranormal library. It is 195 pages of information and enlightenment into the spirit world and someone who can see and hear what most of us can only wonder about. Although *Ghost* was only a Hollywood representation of fictional characters, Robbie Thomas and Paranormal Encounters is the real deal!" -Drs. Dave DD, PhD, Reiki Master and Sharon Oester PhD, International Ghost Hunters Society
"Again, another amazing read from Robbie Thomas. His writting makes you feel as if you are inside the book and seeing and feeling what is being written. I applaude your amazing mind." -Amanda Herceg 
Available on
Kindle, Amazon, Barns and Noble, Chapters Indigo, The Book Keeper and everywhere books are sold 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aspire to Inspire!

The men/women who Aspire to Inspire, have sat in situations where they've listened only to reach out to another, giving hope and aspirations for their dreams, so they too can one day do the same.

Dreams, the ideas of notions that flutter around in one’s mindset that give color to many aspects, which drives the heart to create, to be the creator, the inventor of Aspiration. A child sits and daydreams of far off distant places, with many different scenarios that are part of their youth, those around them, and perhaps some new friends they've imagined. The innocence of creativity, is the foundation to us all, the love of inventing making things come true, or at best, the start of something to come.

Putting pen to paper is one of the most beautiful creative ways to express your ideas, dreams, or maybe that long awaited thought you've just had to get down in writing. It cascades you into a realm of many different places, people, adventures and to think, what an escape it is, as you lustfully crave more and more of this pleasant place to be.

Sharing all this with many, is but a treasure of many troves and bliss of something no one can ever take from you. This is something in life that's non-negotiable, for it's from you, about you, it's part of you and no one owns that, but you!

Parasylum Nominated For Distinguished Award!

Get yours while it's HOT!
It's been nominated for a distinct award in the Horror Genre.
Available on Kindle, Kobo, IPhone,
Paperback and where books are sold. 
Parasylum Trilogy Horror Fan Page

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Psychic Profiler Helps Mother And Saves Daughter From Human Trafficking!

Robbie Thomas Helps Mother In Need And Saves Daughter From Sex Trade.

This is a story about courage, never giving up hope, reaching out and helping one another. A story about saving a child’s life, bringing her home alive and safe. It's a lesson to parents, who are reading this, for no one's invincible, it can happen to you too. Educate your children, for this goes on more than you think. Kim is a mother very lucky to have her daughter back with her, where in most cases, they don’t come back home. What you're about to read, is the exact wording from the mother (Kim Landry) who did just that! This is a recent case I assisted in just of late. May God Bless and keep Kim and her family safe always.

I think it's time to tell my story, no matter how embarrassing it might be, if I can help one child, one person that has had to deal with what I have dealt with then I know that I am doing the right thing!

We all know how difficult it can be raising teenage daughters, so it comes as no surprise to parents that we always just don’t get along! Well that day came last winter to me and my daughters relationship! She left home and I never heard from her, only on occasion just to let me know that she was still alive. I was left behind by my daughter and her daughter that she had when she was just 14. An already troubled teenager that had support from her family didn’t realize (nor did I) what she was about to endure in the coming months. She had a girlfriend that I guess she thought cared more about her then we did. This girlfriend introduced her into a world of prostitution. Now occasionally I would hear from her and meet her at certain places and that gave me a sense of relief that she was still okay. I would receive the odd text of her having black eyes or her cellphone was smashed so she couldn’t text me. Now I didn’t know what she was involved at this point, until I started doing more research into it and taking the clues about bruises and phones being broken. I was given a tip one day about her being on websites for escort services. I saw her picture online and she was only 17. This a parents worst nightmare. I felt ashamed, totally lost and helpless! Then came the time where I hadn’t heard from her in two weeks. I was at a total loss as to what to do, I contacted Robbie Thomas through facebook. I have known Robbie since the 1990’s when he hosted an MSN chatroom. He has given me very accurate readings where he has even given me names of loved ones, so I trusted his talent to help me with my daughter. Out of the goodness of his heart he was able to verify my worst nightmare and supported me through this terrible ordeal of my life. He helped me bring my daughter home ALIVE! He is a wonderful human being filled with compassion and kindness. I hope that my story will help parents, teenagers anybody that might find themselves in the situation I was in! There is hope out there! This is one story where we were not investigating a murder and the ending was truly happy!

Thank you Robbie,
Kim Landry
Ontario, Canada
November, 06/2012

For more information on this case and many others Robbie has assisted in you can visit

Parasylum II The Unleashed - Release Date Announced!

(From the back cover of Parasylum II The Unleashed)

RELEASE DATE: End of March 2013

"Perception of life is in the reality one gives it, thus the illusion of time is that of everlasting. One crosses the threshold of many intertwined realms, on many different plains, which transforms the mindset and giving it the power to dream. It’s within these dreams that one creates the reality of their own, while sometimes they become nightmares with no return. Welcome to Parasylum II The Unleashed. It’ll take you to hell and back.

When Paranormal goes wrong, the undead crave your soul!"

-Robbie Thomas

Critic Reviews

"Here comes Part 2 where J.C. and his team is at it again. Beer's flowing on the floor and hearts are pounding. Who wouldn't have a pounding heart after listening to an EVP that said you are going to die. I said the first book in this series was a real page turner. Well, this book goes beyond that description. Be careful your eyes don't go into warp drive to see what happens at the hotel to J.C. and his team. Can you wait to find out if the hotel investigated is a part of the "you can check in but you can't check out hotel chain?"
-Martha Decker, Award Winning Jouralist/Author/Paranormal Researcher

"Parasylum II is here and it's holy heck scary! EVP death threats, malevolent spirits, and heart-pounding sequences are so intense you will be jumping at shadows. The twenty's have passed but the gangsters never left and they're hell bent on taking out as many victims as they can. Run while you can or you're next! Hold on people it's going to be a terror ride!"
-Jodi Hanson, Journalist/Review Critic for Suspense Magazine & Chapters and Chats


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Robbie Thomas' Time Shift The Paradigm,Taking Critics By Storm!

"Astounding Roller Coaster Ride. This Book Is Epic! It is well written as the climax begins on page 2 right to the end with an unexpected twist. Just Genius!" Michael Kalinowski
Book Review Critic for Schiffers Publishing

"A heart-felt, world needed message surrounded by a nail bitingly exciting action thriller!"-Geoffrey Gould, Motion Picture-Television Actor
CBS Radio Show, Paranormal View calls it, "Brilliant! Explosive! Well written, a Best Seller by far!"
20 year veteran Award Winning Journalist, Martha Hazzard Decker gives Time Shift The Paradigm ★★★★★ saying, "Difficult to Put Down!"

Time Shift promises to be a "MUST READ!" summer "MUST HAVE!" - Chase Kloetzke, Former Deputy Director of Investigations Mufon

"Engrossing. Outstanding book, Robbie Thomas!"
 -Editor-in-Chief/Best Selling Author Scotty Roberts

“One thing I can say is, THIS BOOK IS OFF THE HOOK! Best Seller all the way." - Mike Carson, Rock 106/Sunny 98/The Wolf 92.3 Managing Partner of GiMase Media

"Time Shift The Paradigm, is a Blockbuster. It is well written and pieced together geniusly. If you don't have it, you should!" -Show Host/Author Kevin Smith

"Time Shift The Paradigm, will grab a hold of the reader and not let go until the last page. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! Very Highly Recommended."
-Paranormal N' More Radio Show

“Robbie has outdone himself with his novel about parallel worlds!"
-Dr. Sharon Oester PHD, Coyote Moon Publishing

★★★★★ Everyone needs to read this book! It makes you look at the world differently. Enjoyed Very Much! -Pam Jordan, United States

Finished reading Time Shift - The Paradigm last night. WOW! Thoroughly enjoyed it. It would make an awesome movie! -Lesley Powell-Coates, Australia

Wow! That had me, brilliant work Robbie! -Caroline Beagan, Ireland

Very intriguing and well written! I love the part where you bring in the Mayan Prophecies! -Dianne Laramee-Jett, Canada

Awesome read Robbie! Well done, you're an incredible author! -Dennis Pearce, United States

Well done Robbie! Have just finished reading Time Shift on my beloved kindle and loved every minute of it! -Debora Peden-Hughes, Australia

I can see the book as a movie! It's filled with adventure & intrigue. -Rose Bean Schledwitz, United States

★★★★★Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! It is well worth it! Impossible to put down. -Dale M Philips Bybee, United States

I can't just say one thing about your book, it is really good, hard to put down. I love how it is written, it's not like any other book I have read. Awesome! -Kristine Newton Deman, Ontario, Canada

What A Read, Wow! I have entered the "Time Shift" and what a ride it is! Awesome read as always, Robbie- YOU RAWK!! -Brenda May Marie, Canada

★★★★★ "A Breath of fresh air in the Genre!" Amazon Reviewer in the United Kingdom, Claudine Astbury

Friday, January 18, 2013

Critique and the Critic!

Oh let’s face it, the arena of life is filled with critics regardless of what profession, or walk of life you're from. Everyone has a say, which really belongs to the person who's critiquing whatever it is they're reading, working on, or just want to chime in on something other than their own. Projecting evaluations of another’s work isn’t the last say, it's only one person’s say! It doesn’t mean it’s a definitive, or a means to sway others in any direction whatsoever. It's merely just input, giving direction of sorts to either, better oneself in the area of expertise of your work, or just trying to give a personal perspective on their very own liking of whatever it is you're doing or have done.

It's a blessing in disguise really when you think of it, for it lends the credence of you and in saying so; they're taking notice of you. Good or bad, a critique is still “Good”, as it's the benchmark for you to work at understanding the fact, not everyone will like, or achieve that same result as many others who might agree, or even disagree with what's being evaluated.

Never walk away from a Critic’s view point, for remember, it’s only one view point that actually is constructive criticism and you can draw from that. Once again, no one critique will be the same as the other, thus, you, as the subject of the inquisition, have an opportunity to utilize all aspects of what's being said. A personal point of view has its merits and then again, that's all it is, a personal point of view. Remember, the critic, is only as good as his/her critique, which gives you the upper hand in the first place. Always look at it through rose colored glasses, as well as a glass half full!


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Thursday, January 17, 2013


CBS Radio Show
Paranormal View
calls Robbie Thomas' Time Shift
"Brilliant! Explosive! Well written, a Best Seller by far!"

Midnight Walkers Paranormal Radio Show Endorsement

"If you're a paranormal investigator, Parasylum's for you. Awesome Book! If you like creepy, scary movies - Parasylum's for you. That was a pretty crazy book!
Time Shift, is also a fantastic book. It gets you thinking. I like books that make you think, gets you outside the box. Fantastic!"
 -Alexander Tomas, Midnight Walkers Paranormal Radio Show


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Parasylum II The Unleashed Coming Soon!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Parasylum II The Unleashed Book Trailer

Parasylum The Trilogy Begins Scared The Hell Out Of People!
Parasylum II The Unleashed, Is Taking Them There!
"HOLY COW! That seriously is something worthy of a top critics choice and could win ANY poetry slam nationwide! The Preface alone is an art-form in itself and if anyone has read the first book, it’ll give them chills. I'm both really impressed at the incredible work you just sent, Absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Great work again!"
-Mike Kalinowski, Schiffer’s Publishing Book Review Critic (Parasylum II The Unleashed - It's Coming 2013)
**All Robbie's Books can be found at Coles Stores, Indigo Chapters Stores, The Book Keeper Book Stores, Barns and Noble Book Stores, Amazon, or any online book store.**